Two-Day Documentary Workshop

Saturday April 2, 2016
10AM - 3PM
Location: 14 Pews

April 3, 2016
10AM - 3PM
Location: Artist William Loyd's studio

Cost for TWO-DAY workshop: $100 

14 Pews offers a WEEKEND WORKSHOP -- a hands-on class for ADULTS in directing, interviewing subjects, cinematography, sound and production, which covers the creative and technical demands of telling a real story with moving images.

The art and craft of documentary is taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on video shoots, and immediate directing experience.

From the first hour of class, students are behind the camera, learning by doing. The first day of class will be at the 14 Pews location.

Students shoot on HD digital video cameras, and will learn how to compose, direct, and light their movies. There will be AN AMAZING in-class documentary shoot, highlighting Houston artist WILLIAM LOYD.

ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Cressandra Thibodeaux is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, editor and storyteller. She started actively exploring film while being a camera-woman at Houston Public Access. She then went on to receive her MFA from Columbia University’s Film Program. At Columbia University she was part of an educational team that taught documentary to middle school students in Harlem. Cressandra is passionate about helping other filmmakers develop their skills. She balances her time as a teacher with her creative work on documentary films and running 14 Pews. Cressandra is the founder of several small film festivals and the Executive Director of 14 Pews.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: William Loyd grew up with a philanthropic art loving family that not only initiated the potato brokering business in America, but were founding members of the Museum of Fine Arts of North Dakota. Loyd's family grown love of earth, led him to a career in oil, furthering his visions of the liquid movement that makes earth and inspires his art.

Apr 2, 2016 to Apr 3, 2016
14 Pews 800 Aurora St, Houston, Texas 77009
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
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