Migration Center - Jarrod Beck

Migration Center | Jarrod Beck


Migration Center is a displaced built environment—beginning as a cast in place structure in the Mary E. Bawden Sculpture Garden, the project is contextualized and studied in the Lawndale Art Center’s Classroom 317. The casting forms are drawn maps on drafting film: unwieldy sheafs collaged with stained plastic tarps, dried pools of oil and graphite. Inks, dyes, rife with particulate matter, fill the sealed pockets, left to cake and dry. Precision, the architect’s vision, meets the chaotic material landscape through a shearing, folding, stitching: casting forms are created recalling cactus spindles, body doubles, the bones found excavating a foundation, strips of the party missed.
Under the sun, on broken grass, the limp bodies are laid out and prepared for their solid state. Bags of plaster are mixed, pristinely white and poured into the molds as it warms, scalding hands. As a limb cures, another is poured, depending on the just-formed for support. Filling out the tangle of form, growing into a structure, wearing the evidence of the process. Joints struggle and crumble. These slips come together on site to create a body, a wall, a weather system overwhelming the senses.
 After exploring the environment outside, visitors will be invited upstairs into the classroom for a presentation of artifacts and drawings: skins and offcasts from the body downstairs. As a place of study and rest, the interior Migration Center offers an inhabitable threshold between what was and what comes after, all within the weight of what we’re left with.


Jan 23, 2010 to Feb 27, 2010
12:00 am to 11:00 pm
Kid Friendly:
Monday Time & Price:
10-5, Free
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10-5, Free
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10-5, Free
Saturday Time & Price:
12-5, Free

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