Las Girls Collective: Fruit Series

Daniela Antelo & Brenda Cruz-Wolf

Art League Houston (ALH) presents Fruit Series, a site specific installation by Las Girls Collective, a Houston-based collaboration between artists Daniela Antelo and Brenda Cruz-Wolf. The exhibition continues the artist’s interest in the relationship between the urban landscape and the female body, and features a series of visually-rich videos using various colorful fruits to playfully interact with the body against a series of backgrounds that seeks to transform the visitor's perception and experience of the ALH hallway gallery. “We are very interested in the choreographic relationship between the objects, the body, and the physical landscape,” say the artists. “These videos configure sensory universes that are minimal and intimate yet produce a complex aesthetic that is both humorous and surreal.”

About the Artists

Artists Brenda Cruz-Wolf and Daniela Antelo have collaborated together for the last few years on various site-specific performances, creating experimental dance films. Their collaborative work merges the strength of their individual practices together by combining experimental movement/performance with video production. Together, they succeed in using the raw elements of each site to produce immersive installations that collapse the boundaries between abstract movement, the viewer and the physical space.

Jan 26, 2019
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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