Free Disaster Claims Counseling

Disaster Claims Counseling
Saturday September 16, 2017
8:30am - 12:30pm
@ Fresh Arts
FREE with registration

Are you an artist, arts organization or arts employee who was affected by Hurricane Harvey? Do you need help deciphering FEMA and Texas Workforce Commission eligibility and applications?  Come to this FREE event and get the answers you need.

HarveyArtsRecovery.orgAvenue CDC, and Fresh Arts are partnering to provide disaster recovery claims counseling to Houstonians who need help rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  Four Avenue CDC counselors will be available for FREE 1-hour one-on-one consultations  with a claims counselor who will file your claims for you. Or bring your laptop to file your own claim and have your questions answered as you go.

This event will address the immediate actions that need to be taken by artists affected by the storm:  

  • 1.)   Filing a FEMA application (deadline to file is Oct. 24) 
  • 2.)  Disaster Unemployment Claims for Freelancers and Artists (deadline to file is Sept 27)

Check out this Disaster Claim Resource document for more information on disaster claims available to you.

 Space is limited so be sure to sign up now for a FREE 1-hour one-on-one spot and arrive early to have all of your questions answered.

Please read this Disaster Claim Resource document and bring the materials listed to your appointment or you will not be able to file your claim at the event.



   Fresh Arts @ The Silos on Sawyer  

   1502 Sawyer St, studio #103
   Houston, TX 77007

TIP:  Our front door is orange and accessible from the front loading dock which faces Sawyer Street (look for the giant ART sculpture). 


Free parking is available in the parking lot directly in front of Fresh Arts office door with additional parking surrounding The Silos. There is an overflow the lot on the East side of the building.

I. Information that you need before You Can File a FEMA Disaster Claim:

A. Photo ID (for Avenue CDC to work with you)

B. Social Security Number

C. The amount of your Gross Annual Income

1. This includes the total gross (before taxes) annual income of the your and your spouse & de- pendents (as per IRS/Federal Income Tax standards)

2. Gross Annual Income includes: all types of income: wages, social security, unemployment, pensions, disability, welfare, child support, stocks, interest, annuities

D. If you want any FEMA money that you qualify for directly deposited to your bank account, you will need your BANK ROUTING NUMBER and ACCOUNT NUMBER -

E. A reliable phone number for which every call is answered at all times, including during business hours - this number must be good throughout the whole claim, approval, appeal & rebuilding process

F. A reliable email address that is checked often and will be good throughout the same time period

II. Information that you need before You Can File a Texas Unemployment Claim:

A. Photo ID

B. Social Security number

C. Last Check Stub (How much money you make per pay period)

D. Work & Employers’ Information

1. Employer’s Name

a)  Employer’s Phone

b)  Employer’s Address

c)  Supervisor’s Name

d)  Supervisor’s Title

e)  Supervisor’s phone number

f)  Date first worked at this job

g)  Last day worked before Harvey

h)  The reason you have not been able to work: “Harvey” & Explanation needed

E. If you have ever applied for unemployment benefits:

a)  bring your User ID & Password (& possibly PIN) to login

b)  without this information you cannot file a new claim 

Sep 16, 2017
 Space is limited so be sure to sign up now for a FREE 1-hour one-on-one spot and arrive early to have all of your questions answered.
FREE with registration
8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Saturday Time & Price:
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PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


Fresh Arts |  The Silos at Sawyer 1502 Sawyer St, Studio #103 Houston, TX 77007