Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema | Dan Havel & Chuck Ivy

Opening Reception Friday, March 12, 2010 from 6:30–8:30 PM
Artist Talks at 6 PM


In conjunction with Fotofest 2010


Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema | Dan Havel & Chuck Ivy

In conjunction with Fotofest 2010, Lawndale Art Center presents the work of two artists exploring the visual and emotional potential of salvaging old film images and re-mixing them to create digital prints and short films in the John M. O’Quinn Gallery.

Dan Havel revisits images discovered in an abandoned X-rated movie theatre and shoe shine shop in downtown Houston during his installation of a site-specific work made for the 1996 FotoFest Biennial. The work mixes the naughty and kitschy images of x-rated film plots with the abstract expressionist effects of decay. The work seeks to redefine the context of its origin as adult films and introduce the viewer to a fluid landscape of images altered by the entropic effects of water and time on the film emulsion. The colorful, faded surfaces are cracked and scratched, with fractals of pooled emulsion intertwining and framing the various figures, stories, and locations in the films. Primarily known for his large scale sculptural installations, this current body of work introduces the Houston audience to a rarely exhibited and long standing tradition in Havel’s career of exploring the use of found images and objects. Havel seeks to expose the visual and contextual transformational power of entropy. It also marks the artist’s first experimentation with digital images and video formats.

Chuck Ivy’s work asks the question, “How much time can a single image represent?” Ivy has written software to reduce segments of feature films into a series of still images, each representing an average of light and color from approximately one minute of running time. The resultant images are as much a function of the parameters of his program as they are of the editing within the original film. The fluid images explore the territory between sharp frozen moments and the blur born of long exposures, revealing unexpected beauty as they snatch a hint of recognition from the brink of abstract noise.


Mar 13, 2010 to Apr 17, 2010
12:00 am to 10:00 pm
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