Conversation Piece

Micah Simmons, Micahtheartist, Naucet Concepts, Sean Blake Photography

The Vangartist Project, with support from Nauset Concepts, the Houston Press and Winter Street Studios, debuts Conversation Piece in Houston on January 23, 2010. The party is open to the public, and will showcase the works of painter Micah Simmons, deejay Marcus Starkey and photographer Sean Blake that was produced as part of Conversation Piece, along with the documentary about the project. All attendees of the event will become a part of the Conversation, and will be included in the Event film and other parts of the Conversation into the future.

Admission is free, and open to everyone who wants to enjoy a new experience of art. Cocktails and refreshments provided. Included artists will be available for discussion, interviews, booking portfolio sales.


WHAT: Conversation Piece Art Party
WHO: Purveyors and Enjoyers of Art
WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2010. 8-11pm.
WHERE: Winter Street Studios, 2101 Winter St., Houston, TX
WHY: To change the way artists create, audiences experience, and the two interact


Jan 24, 2010
Conversation Piece is an effort to shift the standard conversation of art. Art need not be the presentation of a piece in a particular medium, by an artist to his audience; rather, art can be an interactive process. This process transcends media types, and brings both artist and audience into the creation and experience of the work. In this first volley of the Conversation, two artists (a painter and a DJ) collaborated to produce a unified piece wherein the painting was driven by a live studio set by the DJ, whose set was in turn, and in real time, driven by the visual creation of the painting. This back and forth ultimately culminated in the piece featured at the Conversation Piece Art Party. The audience will experience not simply the final visual painting, but also the process of its creation. The audience reaction then becomes a part of the work, which is now a process rather than an object.
2:00 am to 5:00 am
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