Call for WHAM Artists



Call ends August 26, 2016 at 11:59PM

Fresh Arts is seeking submissions of original artwork, unique crafts, and handmade goods for its 11th Annual Winter Holiday Art Market (WHAM), November 18-20, 2016. In its mission to provide artists access to economic development and networking opportunities and to celebrate Houston’s diverse arts scene, Fresh Arts hosts WHAM, an annual 3-day juried exhibition + art market festival each fall at Winter Street Studios in the First Ward Arts District.

Since its launch in 2006, WHAM has generated nearly $900,000 for hundreds of local artists and continues to grow as an important venue for Houston artists. 

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This year's WHAM has TWO Artist Opportunities!

New for 2016:  The WHAM Fine Art Exhibition!

An independent jury panel of fine art experts, gallerists, and curators will select up to 24 artists to participate in the WHAM Fine Art Exhibition taking place in the first floor hallways of Winter Street Studios. The Exhibition opportunity is geared towards fine artists who wish to showcase and sell their work without the time or participation commitments required of art markets. The salon-style Exhibition is limited to 20 pieces of artworks per artist (or per limitations of allotted wall space).

The WHAM Art Market

Like previous WHAM years, the 2nd floor Art Market area will feature a mix of fine art plus unique crafts, sculpture, jewelry, and clothing in the typical vendor booth style. The Art Market will be juried by a separate jury panel of fine art experts, gallerists, and curators plus local shop owners and other creative-minded individuals. The Art Market is limited to 64 artist-run vendor booths.


  • Deadline for WHAM submissions:  Friday, August 26, 2016 by 11:59PM  (do not call for results)
  • Selected participants notified by:  Tuesday, September 13 by 5:00PM
  • Registration form and fees due:  Friday, September 23, 2016
  • Marketing fliers available for pick up at Fresh Arts by Mid-October 2016
  • WHAM Set-up and Preparation:  Thu. Nov 17 (noon to 7pm) and Fri. Nov 18 (9am to 4pm) 

**** View the Artist Application Packet HERE ****
Please read the packet and the WHAM Artist FAQs thoroughly BEFORE applying.


Check out past WHAM photos HERE.

WHAM Application Guidelines:

  • *    WHAM is open to ALL artists or artisans living within 50 (ish) miles of Houston.
  • *    You do NOT have to have a business or tax permit. 
  • *    WHAM is NOT limited to professional or full-time artists.


    • *    Any type of original and/or handcrafted artwork or crafts may be submitted for consideration by the juried panels.
    • *   BOOTH OPPORTUNITY: Applicable art mediums include but are not limited to: all forms of fine art, sculpture, jewelry, stationery, soaps, handbags, clothing, ornaments and other handcrafted, original goods.

    • *   NEW!  EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY: Applicable art mediums for the Fine Art Exhibition is limited to no more than 20* (twenty) hangable, original 2-D forms of fine art: paintings, collage, framed photography, and prints. Non-original prints or photos must be a part of limited edition series. Framing of delicate works is highly recommended. *Actual number of artworks per artist will vary but must fit in the allotted wall space (within 60 sq feet).


    • *   ALL APPLICANTS will need a free Artist Profile and/or free Artist Portfolio on
    • *   You will also need a free user account (this is separate from your Fresh Arts account-- the two accounts are not linked.)
    • *   Need help setting up a Fresh Arts Profile or Portfolio? Click HERE.

    • *  Submit high quality images that are representative of the type of products/works you are proposing to sell at the market . 
    • *  You may submit up to 10 images (past booth images are a plus!)
    • *  Please include a description of the types of products, price points, etc. of items.
    • *  Please include a short bio or describe why you are a good fit for WHAM.
    • *  ONLY submit high quality images of artwork that you are proposing to sell in the exhibition. 
    • *  You may submit up to 20 images.
    • *  Accepted artists will have the opportunity to include new (un-submitted) works of art in the exhibition.
    • *  Please link your website or portfolio(s) to demonstrate the caliber of your past work. 
    • *  Be sure to have a list of past exhibitions, achievements, and an artist bio ready. 
    • *  Please include a description of attached images (art titles, sizes, and prices).

    • Artists may apply for BOTH opportunities but will need to complete separate applications.
    • There is NO fee to apply.
    • submit

    • *    The participation fee for WHAM Booth Vendors is $95.
    • *    The participation fee for WHAM Exhibition Artists is $45.
      • *    75% of the selling price goes to the artist, and the remaining 25% goes to Fresh Arts to cover remaining event expenses. 
      • *    The 3% fee on any credit card transaction is subject to the same 75/25% split between the selling artist and Fresh Arts.
      • *    Artists receive a check for the sale of their goods within 10 business days of WHAM.
      • Do NOT send in your fees until you have received acceptance into WHAM.

      Fresh Arts provides participants:

      • *    WHAM event management, extensive marketing, and rental items.
      • *    Fresh Arts takes care of paying the sales tax for WHAM; however artists must be responsible for claiming their sales on their income tax statements.
      • *    All artist sales will be covered by Fresh Arts' sales permit (therefore, artists who might not already have a sales permit need not get their own).
      • *    Each artist will receive marketing fliers and an email invitations.
      • *    Complimentary beverages and snacks for participating artists all weekend long (onsite food vendors will have items for sale.)
      • *    Two complimentary guest tickets to the Friday Night Preview Party.

      Additionally each participating ARTIST VENDOR BOOTH receives:

      • o   booth space (min. dimensions approx. 10’w x6’d)
      • o   80 sq. feet (min.) of hang-able wall space
      • o   one 8 ft x30" table and chair
      • o   black table linen
      • o   sales receipt books (if needed)
      • o   access to Wi-Fi and electrical outlets
      • o   complimentary snacks and beverages all weekend

      Each participating EXHIBITION ARTIST receives:
      • o   60 sq. feet (min.) of hang-able wall space 
      •     (exact wall dimensions will vary between 6 ft to 8 ft wide; ceilings are 10’ high)
      • o   Gallery Attendants to process and track your sales


      *  Artists will be selected on the basis of quality, type, and range of price points of merchandise and take into consideration those that best serve the interests of the local community, the market and our customers. Our aim with the market is to focus on a wide array of art -- including fine art, crafts, jewelry, etc. -- and in our attempt to balance the market, we try to favor variety. 

      Additionally, year after year we get stronger and stronger WHAM submissions. Due to a large number of WHAM applicants and limited space at Winter Street Studios, our jury sometimes have to make very difficult decisions in the voting process. Therefore, please understand that a declined notice of participation is not necessarily a judgment on the quality of your work.

      There will be no discrimination against an artist vendor by Fresh Arts on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability.



      • EMAIL your questions to  (please allow 1-2 business days for a reply). 
      • CALL  713-868-1839 and ask for Angela (Programs Manager)

      * Please review the WHAM Artist FAQ's and WHAM Application Packet thoroughly before submitting questions. 

      * Fresh Arts refers to the organization created from the merging of Spacetaker and Fresh Arts Coalition in 2012.

        Jun 27, 2016 to Aug 27, 2016
        The participation fee for WHAM Booth Vendors is $95.
        (All day)
        Kid Friendly:
        Friday Time & Price:

        PO BOX 66494
        Houston, TX 77266-6494


        Fresh Arts |  The Silos at Sawyer 1502 Sawyer St, Studio #103 Houston, TX 77007