Archway Gallery presents Embraced by the Void Mexican Painter, Cecilia Villanueva, Interprets Vacuum in Architecture

Embraced by the Void Mexican Painter, Cecilia Villanueva, Interprets Vacuum in Architecture

Archway Gallery

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Archway Gallery presents Embraced by the Void Mexican
Painter, Cecilia Villanueva, Interprets Vacuum in Architecture




Exhibition                   October
7 – November 2, 2017


Opening Reception

DATE:                          Saturday,
October 7, 2017

TIME:                           5
– 8 p.m., Artist Talk: 6:30 p.m.

LOCATION:                  Archway
Gallery, 2305 Dunlavy,

Houston, Texas 77006


Complimentary Valet

& Light Refreshments




Houston, Texas Cecilia Villanueva 's
exhibition, Embraced
by the Void
, will be on view October 7 – November 2, 2017. The
artist will be available to visit with guests during the opening reception on

Saturday, October 7,
2017, from 5 – 8 p.m. with an Artist’s Talk at 6:30 p.m.


Villanueva reflects upon open spaces using few lines and very few architectural
structures, creating compositions which verge on the void. Through her artwork,
she creates a path to dark yet necessary spaces; a vacuum
in a world without limits.


the past 15 years, the artist has created paintings inspired by and depicting
architecture from the past and present. On her city walks she noticed that
architecture today is no longer about solid buildings; instead, it is more
about voids and a sense of vacancy. After several years of observing these
immaterial spaces in architecture, she decided to make an imaginary journey
into the insubstantial void.


to be embraced by the void, Villanueva immersed herself into an architectonical
space she found, almost by accident, in cities around the world; her paintings
are of a place called vertigo which is a path to a dark yet necessary space…
the vacuum. Villanueva says, “I felt vertigo… and fear. I was seriously
experimenting with my mind, and the leap into the void required courage.”


this solo show is about architecture, her inspiration more specifically comes
from the French philosopher Edgar Morin and his work on “complex thought” which
has resulted in the artist’s attempt to immerse herself more deeply and
adequately into understanding the complexity of our present life. In these
paintings, you will see few lines and minimal architectural structures on the
verge of the void. She tempts us with a voyage to the unknown and makes us feel
the need to jump into her dark indigo palette; this is not an attempt to escape
life but to go deep into ourselves depleted of paradigms, media, and politics in
search of answers to the complex questions presented by the 21st


most recent body of work by Cecilia Villanueva includes paintings which appear
clean, cool, and almost clinical. They are mostly aerial views from what is
seen when traveling by airplane, or views from Google Earth. These paintings
are tactile, rendered in oils and mineral ink. We are reminded that one can
only dare to follow the challenge from the New York-based writer Mila Jaroniec,
“Do not merely fall, but place yourself inside the void where one can only go
with the removal of any external influences.” Literally, come and jump.

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Debra Ford

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