Anarcha-Feminist Zines and Alternative Press of the 1970s

A new exhibit will open at the University of Houston Libraries in November.

Anarcha-Feminist Zines and Alternative Press of the 1970s, curated by Nancy Agin Dunnahoe of Wild Dog Archives, celebrates a collection of 1970s second-wave feminist and anarcha-feminist works collected or created by Henry Weissborn and generously donated by Wild Dog Archives to UH Special Collections.

In the late 1970s, a sociology student and Yippie named Henry Weissborn organized the University of Houston (UH) Direct Action Committee. His underground D.I.Y. zines, Ultra and Wild Dog, explored sociopolitical issues such as civil disobedience, LGBTQ rights, feminism, and a new counterculture called punk. Weissborn also contributed to other independent activist publications, including the inaugural issue of Bread & Roses (1978), the UH Feminists Newsletter. “Patriarchy is a destructive, culturally embedded force, and a revolution in consciousness is a prerequisite for its elimination,” he wrote in Bread & Roses.

This collection of zines and alternative press periodicals represents a movement toward equality, which has yet to be fully realized in 2017. Selected works from the collection will be on display during the 40th anniversary of the 1977 National Women’s Conference as a tribute to the writers, reviewers, theorists, activists, organizers, and consciousness-raising groups of the second wave who strove for equal representation and a revolution of human rights.

The exhibit will be on display from November 5 through November 12 near Special Collections on the second floor of MD Anderson Library. For more information, contact Mary Manning at 713.743.5893.
Nov 5, 2017 to Nov 12, 2017
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
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