2 H Club w/ Fugue State

2H Club formed in March of 2015 at Station Theater in Houston, Texas. The group performs the traditional Harold. After a successful 2-month run of shows as a house team they loved playing together so much, they have continued performing. The 2H Club has a diverse cast with a vast variety of interests and playing styles, which means you won’t know what to expect each time from this epic group! 

All members of the 2H Club are graduates of Station Theater’s Improv Conservatory in Houston, TX. 2H Club even boasts three trained improv coaches, along with a sketch writer & theater teacher, and four improvisers trained in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, and Austin, TX. 

This incredible cast includes: Aaron Garrett, Alison Coriell, Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B., Calan Lambert, Jamie Meeks, Kenneth Andrews, and Monica Marcha
Jan 28, 2016
BETA Theater 2420 Pierce St, Houston, Texas 77003
7:00 pm
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