Vault 6 Degrees: Blau & Baptism

A marriage of two dance companies for the month of May: something old something now something drenched something blau


The Onion

The onion, now that's something else. Its innards don't exist. Nothing but pure onionhood fills this devout onionist. Oniony on the inside, onionesque it appears. It follows its own daimonion without our human tears.

Our skin is just a coverup for the land where none dare go, an internal inferno, the anathema of anatomy.

In a onion there's only onion from its tip to its toe, onionymous monomania, unanimous omninudity.

At peace, of a piece, internally at rest. Inside it, there's a smaller one of undiminished worth. the second holds a third one, the third contains a fourth. A centripetal fugue. Polyphony compressed. Nature's roundest tummy, its greatest success story, the onion drapes itself in its own aureoles of glory. We hold veins, nerves, fat, secretions' secret sections. Not for us such idiotic onionoid perfections.

by Winslawa Szymborska tr. Stansislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh from View With a Grain of Sand.

Vault will be performing Blau, a dance pictorial of the stratous self.


Choreography by: Amy Ell


Dancers: Theresa Chapman, Dawn Dipple, JoDee Engle, Mechelle Flemming, Catalina Molnari, Erica Okoronkwo, Roberta Paixao, Candace Rattliff, Joani Trevino, and Amy Ell


Music by: Efterclang, Nickel Creek, and original compositions by New York City composer/performance artist Elise Kermani.


6/Toni Leago Valle: Toni Leago Valle will premier her dance company, 6, in Baptism, based on the fears/inertia that keep people from attaining the life they dream of.

Everyone has a map of life that they use in order to navigate the world - how to get what we need, how to avoid what scares us most, Valle comments, We create this map in childhood. As we mature, we don't get a new map. Just like a map that shows no road where there used to be one, an old and outdated perspective doesn't get us where we need to be.


I believe that the key to growth is the ability to draw a new map. I've changed my perceptions of how the world functions several times. At the same time, I have seen others stuck in a phase they could not get out of - a job, a relationship, or simply not allowing themselves to grow into the person they want to be. In Baptism, Im asking the question, what allows me to move forward, to reinvent my map, to be reborn?


Valle is known for her narrative dance/theatre. Now she is working with two new concepts in Baptism abstract choreography and having performers dance with water. Baptism not only has no characters or plot, the performers arent even human. Trees grow, animals fight and cling to one another, nymphs drown, and water, the symbol of life itself, instills a sense of comfort, a veil of isolation, an un-crossable barrier, and tears.


Why a dance company? It was time to create work under a company name, Valle comments, Why 6? My work and my life are about discovering relationships the 6 degrees of separation factor. I can find a thread to anyone.


Premiere of Baptism


Choreography by: Toni Leago Valle


Dancers: Kara Ary, Teresa Chapman, Jennifer Dodson, Michelle Garza, Mallory Horn, Catalina Molnari, Erica Okoronkwo, Joani Trevino, and Bianca Torres-Aponte


Vault 6 premieres May 13-15, 20-22, 2010, at 8pm, at DiverseWorks ArtSpace, 1117 East Freeway, Houston, TX, 77002.


For more information, contact Amy Ell at 713/549-2234 or Toni Valle at 713/409-2838.
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Dancers: Amy Ell and Toni Leago Valle | Photography by Louie Saletan.

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