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Disaster Resources

The Arts & Culture Hurricane Preparedness Toolkit can help you begin developing a customized disaster preparation and recovery plan to protect your artistic practice and nonprofit organization. The toolkit covers common hurricane hazards, checklists for dealing with the hurricane before and after it has arrived, emergency phone contacts, helpful web links and more.

Houston Arts Alliance’s disaster resilience website for artists and nonprofits provides short videos and succinct text with information about what to do before and after a disaster.

Topics and suggestions useful before a disaster include:

  • Assess risk and protect your studio.
  • Make plans for evacuating or sheltering in place and keep emergency supplies on hand.
  • Document your stuff and back up vital records; evaluate cloud storage and the risk of cybersecurity threats.
  • Learn what types of insurance are needed and how to preserve your work.

The curated information also addresses what to do after a disaster: Learn how to calculate loss and document the damaged property. Learn what resources are available locally and nationally.

For more information about Houston Arts Alliance’s Disaster Resilience for Artists and Non-Profits website, visit:

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