True South, Sculpture on the Boulevard (COMPLETED)

The goal of this temporary exhibition is to introduce a representative survey of Houston Heights area contemporary art works to our neighbors and visitors along eight pre determined blocks on the esplanade of Heights Blvd. The show will foster understanding and advancement of art produced by highly recognized Texas artists. Participating artists are: Tim Glover, Joe Barrington, Sharon Kopriva, Emily Sloan, Hans Molzberger, Kermit Eisenhut, Tara Conley, and Mark Bradford.

“True South” is the followup to the successful “True North” project in 2014 including artists Pat Medrano, Steve Murphy, Paul Kittleson, Dan Havel, Dean Ruck, Lee Littlefield, Ed Wilson, and Carter Ernst. “True North” was supported, in part, by Houston Heights Association and the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance. 

Both projects are curated by Gus Kopriva and Chris Silkwood.

Pictured: Dan Havel's Wildlife Sanctuary from "True North" 

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