Suplex Projects (COMPLETED)

Suplex Editions is a series of publications connected to
events curated and hosted by Suplex Projects. Because Suplex Projects hosts
pop-up events, the publications provide the exhibitions with a history,
exploring the curatorial and creative processes of each and serving as
documentation to extend the experience beyond the art space. The publications
themselves will vary in form, depending on the medium and ethos of the
exhibition, ranging from print and digital catalogues to zines and cards.

publication project intends to indulge those with an intellectual curiosity
regarding the creative process that goes into visual arts exhibitions. This
includes the audiences of the exhibitions already in place as well as those
interested parties who might feel intimidated or baffled by contemporary art.
Each publication documents, explains, and extends the creative process by
serving as a medium in which Suplex, the artists, and invited writers and
designers might interpret the exhibition. As such, the publications act as a
linguistic entry point for those outside the artistic community with interest
in becoming more involved as well as those who wish to learn more about Suplex,
the Houston arts community, and contemporary visual art overall. 

was formed in the Fall of 2013 after the conclusion of
do it: houston, a large-scale group exhibition featuring over 27
local artists, writers, and creatives. Over the past year, Suplex has organized
several events and programs, each of which has been made available to the
Houston public free of charge. Programs include:
The Narrative Process, an engaging discussion series led by a local
Say It To My Face, an open
forum in which members within the Houston’s arts community can engage in a
dialogue around topics that affect their ability to operate in a local and
global arts environment; And
. a series of solo- exhibitions curated by members of Suplex
throughout the year. The most recent

Suplex Presents
exhibition featured Texas-based performance artist Ryan
Hawk at Art League Houston through fiscal partnership. In early 2014, Suplex
was awarded an Idea Fund Award and is currently working with Texas-based
artists Justin Boyd, Jamal Cyrus, and Lauren Moya Ford on three
Suplex Presents: solo-exhibitions,
scheduled for Fall/Winter 2014. In September, Suplex will begin the
installation of our year-long research-based exhibition
Everything we want it to all times. at Rice Media Center
Gallery, featuring works by six local artists: John Forse, Bradley Kerl, Cody
Ledvina, Gabriel Martinez, and Lauren Moya Ford.

Fresh Art fiscal sponsorship program helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources.

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