Summit Schedule and Presenters

Summit Schedule and Presenters

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Friday, July 19

Welcome Remarks + Opening Discussion

Group discussion led by Deborah DEEP Mouton with a special opening performance by Emily Arrow.

3:00PM - 3:40PM

Session A1 

Experience Sharing

Creative Career Paths with Chris Thomas and others.

There’s no one way to become an artist; we each come to our creative practice through our personal journeys and motivations. Artists will share their stories in how they came into their artistic practice and, hopefully, motivate others to appreciate theirs. 

Session A2

Creative Self-Care

Art & Healing

with Carla Sue, Eepi Chaad and Justin Garcia

The role of art in the healing processes is vital for many, combining the artistic and the medical worlds in creative ways. Artists will discuss how mental/physical health plays an integral role in their creative and/or administrative practices.



3:50PM - 4:30PM

Session B1

Experience Sharing

Online Strategies with Glasstire 

with Brandon Zech

Thanks to a grant from the Houston Endowment, over the past year and a half Glasstire has been looking into the way we use technology as an organization. In addition to researching and implementing basic strategies such as staff management software and a donor database, we have also worked at bettering our website to the benefit of our users. Some of this process has included looking generally at how websites perform on social media and on the internet, and developing best practices for operating a website and having a social presence.  

Session B2

Experience Sharing

Why Go for Grants, Residencies, and/or Fellowships? 

with Moe Penders and Julia Barbosa Landois. Moderated by Reyes Ramirez

You’ve heard of all these grants, residencies, and fellowships, but what do they even do? These local artists have received said opportunities, in Houston, and will discuss the application process, pros, cons, and what they were able to do with their funds and/or space. 

4:40PM - 5:20PM

Session C

Arts Resources 

No one organization holds all the resources, so we invited as many as we could to talk about who they serve and how. This session will cap off Friday’s breakout periods to get attendees on the same page as to what Houston has to offer for artists. 

Saturday, July 20

10:00AM - 11:15AM

Session D1


Financial Literacy 

with Frost Bank

A Frost Community Representative will teach a class from their FDIC Money Smart Curriculum titled ‘Money Matters.’ Participants learn about how to manage money by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income. 

Session D2



with Erin McClarty

What is a copyright? How do I get one? When does it start? What’s eligible for copyright? All these questions, and more, will be answered by legal expert and lawyer Erin McClarty. She will also address additional ways an artist can protect their creative endeavors. 

Session D3


Step Up Your Instagram Game 

with Ellyse Espinoza

Social Media expert Ellyse Espinoza will provide an overview of successful marketing strategies for artists and creative entrepreneurs, such as: visual branding and how to incorporate it with social media; identifying your unique target audience; attracting followers and creating engagement on social media; and marketing items that artists need (business cards, media kit, elevator speech, networking plan, etc.)

Session D4


Resume/CV/Portfolio Basics 

With Lupe Mendez

You have work, experience, and exhibitions to your name, but how do you show that to others? What’s the difference between a resume, CV, and portfolio, anyways? This session will go over best practices on how to build and structure your creative history into a presentable format and which template suits your needs best.

11:30AM - 12:45PM

Session E1


Funding 101 

with Marci Reagan Dallas

Want funding but don’t know where to start? Like, what’s a 501(c)3, and do I need it to apply for grants? This Seminar will cover funding basics by establishing working definitions of common funding terms, options, and their differences. Resources on where to find and how to apply for funds will also be explored.

Session E2



with Erin McClarty

Put it in writing! Legal expert and lawyer Erin McClarty will discuss what to consider when writing a contract for creative endeavors, what should be in every contract, and other typical provisions. 

Session E3


Essentials of PR + Digital Marketing for Artists

with Ashley Small. Medley, Inc.

This session will cover essential tools to launch an effective PR campaign, along with a digital strategy to compliment your earned media efforts. We will cover: essential marketing collateral needed prior to launching a campaign; best practices on pitching to the press; free tools to discover media opportunities; top tips on managing and streamlining social media efforts; and key strategies for artist and arts organizations online.

Session E4

Peer Learning Roundtable

DIY Event Planning 

with Mandy Kim Clinton, Theresa Escobedo, and Deborah DEEP Mouton

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Some events just don’t vibe in a traditional art space or fulfill typical modes of artistic practices, thus barring them from institutional support. Members of this panel have organized and/or founded arts-centered events, either from scratch or minimal resources, and will discuss pros, cons, best practices, and what to keep in mind if you ever feel so adventurous. 

2:15PM - 3:30PM

Session F1


The Art of Taxes 

with Kathy Ploch

Structured with artists in mind, this seminar is designed to walk you through your tax return, addressing common artist concerns and important IRS regulations pertaining to creative practices. Topics covered include: What it means to be self-employed/independent contractor; What the self-employment tax is and how it is paid; Keeping records of income and expenses; Which expenses are deductible; What is needed to prepare your taxes; etc. 

Session F2


Skyrocket Your Email List

With Brittany Bly

Grow your email list from zero to hero. Email has over three times the conversion rate of social media. More people use email than Facebook. It changes every day, but it's still the biggest and best digital channel. Learn how to grow your email list organically. Convert followers into fans and target your audience in their inboxes.

Session F3


Applications 101 

with Yeiry Guevara

Grants, fellowships, residencies, etc. etc. They all require an application, but where do you even start? Artist, writer, and Grants Manager for Houston Arts Alliance Yeiry Guevara will cover application basics by establishing working definitions of common application terms, best practices, and what to look out for when applying for certain opportunities. 

Session F4

Peer Learning Roundtable

Project Networking 

With India Lovejoy

It’s one thing to engage in your creative practice. It’s another thing to collaborate with others, plan an event, or step outside the bounds of your discipline. Get in on this conversation to discuss potential collaborators, ideas, and your expectations for a successful project. You might find someone willing to partner with you, even.

3:45PM - 5:00PM

Session G1

Peer Learning Roundtable

Goal Setting 

with Eepi Chaad

What are your goals for the next year? 5 years? 10 years? Participate in this discussion to get some guidance, inspiration, and/or affirmation on how to best plan for your creative practice, whether it be realistically, financially, logistically, or spiritually.

Session G2


Artist Statement/Biography Workshop 

with Icess Fernandez Rojas

Galleries, publications, grant applications, etc. all ask for artist statements and/or bios and having them at the ready will simplify so many things. Houston writer and professor Icess Fernandez Roja will identify and explain the major considerations when creating an artist’s statement and bio, their differences, and offer insight and feedback on what makes a strong statement/bio. 

Session G3

Peer Learning Roundtable

Behind Closed Doors: Demystifying Evaluation Panels 

with Ashley DeHoyos, Leslie Contreras Schwartz and Deidre Thomas

You have, or want to, submit to grants, fellowships, residencies, etc. Once you submit your application, though, what happens between then and the results? Members of this panel have served on or assembled evaluation committees and will discuss best practices on what to do and not before hitting send, what to expect, and answer any questions.


Fiscal Sponsorship 

with Jessica Dodington

Fundraise like a nonprofit without the administrative burden so you can focus on what's really important: Your project! Fresh Arts offers a fiscal sponsorship program which allows artists and arts organizations to create methods to support our creative community outside of traditional nonprofit models. Fiscal Sponsorship Manager Jessica Dodington will discuss how this model can be of great use to artists in Houston.


Emily Arrow is an award-winning children's songwriter and content creator. Her popular YouTube channel addresses topics in social emotional learning for children and her two albums "Storytime Singalong, Vol.1 & 2" can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Formerly a K-6 elementary music educator, Emily is now a touring speaker and musician. Her debut picture book, STUDIO (Penguin Random House) is forthcoming spring 2020.
Brittany Bly is the founder of Pop Shop America, a craft and DIY media company. She also founded Digital by Pop Shop America, which provides free marketing resources, courses, and ebooks for selling and marketing online. She is an expert in pop up retail and digital marketing. Find out more at
Eepi Chaad is an arts access advocate, a working studio artist, and an environmentalist. Each passion feeds the other and this has informed her mission. After studying architecture at the University of Houston with a focus on sustainability, Eepi decided to shift her career path to focus on a different way supporting healthy social practices. She worked to develop her personal artistic practice while concurrently working in arts outreach by creating continuing professional development programming for artists and arts educators. Eepi went on to work as a residency coordinator & teaching artist for an eco-art non-profit on the Gulf Coast that bridged the gap between arts access and ecology through public art projects and outdoor adventures to promote conservation of coastal margins. Eepi was then selected as one of the first resident artists for the City of Houston, where she worked with immigrant and refugee populations to create communal art as an exercise in creative placemaking. Most recently, Eepi has joined Art League Houston where she is spearheading the growth of the organization’s outreach and arts access programming. Eepi believes that just like art, every community is built of ingenuity & creativity therefore these practices must be utilized in tandem to grow a successful and healthy society for all.

Mandy Kim Clinton is a musician, producer, and co-founding member of the collective DAMN GXRL. She co-owns DIY music label, Poison Moon Records. Her music explores her fractured identity as a transnational Korean American adoptee and attempts to undermine expectations of the orientalizing gaze. Clinton’s other projects work to subvert racism and power through community building and collaboration with other marginalized people.