Studio One Archive Resource & the Houston CALL Project

The Houston CALL Project is ready to work with local artists who have practiced for twenty years or more and reside in Houston or an adjacent county and have….

  • Contributed to the community as an educator or

  • Maintained a long term affiliation with an arts organization as a board member, volunteer, and/or donating artist, or

  • Served as the founder of an arts organization or

  • Received high recognition locally and/or nationally for their creative achievements or

  • Worked to positively impact their community through social activism

Every dollar we receive will help preserve and promote the unique and important stories of artists in Houston and create jobs for hard working emerging artists like Jonathan Leach (image above). 

If you know a local artist who could use our help, nominate them to receive up to a year of assistance.

Nominations can be emailed to 

Image above:  Jonathan Leach scans slides for artist Toby Topek in 2012.

Fresh Art fiscal sponsorship program helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources.

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