Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm (COMPLETED)

Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm is the first film to consider the work of the 1970s architecture collective Ant Farm, best known for Cadillac Ranch. Radical architects, video pioneers, and mordantly funny cultural commentators, the Ant Farmers created a body of deeply subversive multidisciplinary work that questioned the boundaries of architecture and predicted much of the technology we take for granted today. Incorporating breathtaking archival video, new footage shot over ten years and animation based on zany period sketches, this film is about the joy of creation in a time when there were no limits.

The original 78 minute video documentary project, which began production in 1999, was shot on standard definition digital video (mini-DV), and then upgraded to digi-beta for distribution purposes in 2010, when it was first released locally, then nationally and internationally in film festivals and related educational settings. Recently, PBS expressed an interest in acquiring a one-hour (58:40) version of the documentary for public broadcast in the United States. In addition, because of recent press surrounding the fate of Cadillac Ranch that has come out since the original release of the film, there was a request to update some of the information in the film. 

Therefore, the new project will consist of re-editing the 78-minute version into a 58:40 version suitable for public television. Making the film suitable for public television will involve deleting or modifying any “objectionable” material (nudity, references to drugs, language, etc.), creating closed captioning, re-doing credits to make them fit public television standards, acquiring required liability insurance (“Errors and Omissions” insurance) that protects PBS from lawsuits, etc. Above all, the new project requires cutting twenty minutes, and updating information, music and sound mix in certain sections. There will be no need for additional shooting.

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