Art Chatter History: The Art Chatter Critique Group was founded in 2004 by Tami Merrick and Lynne Rutzky with the primary inspiration being the COBRA, an artist collective formed in 1948 in the Café Notre-Dame, Paris.  Art Chatter is now celebrating 12 years of art criticism!  Most members of the group have studied at The Glassell School of Art, MFAH. Membership is by invitation and limited in size to maintain the individual critique format approximately 16 members.  In addition to the ongoing self-examination, artists maintain individual studio practices.  Annually we nominate and vote to stipend an critic from Houston’s art community for a group critique providing critical analysis from diverse perspectives.  We have participated in group exhibitions at the Jung Center and Art Galleries which have offered insight into how our individual studio practice influences the collective.  Our public exhibitions are intended to publicly communicate the Art Chatter Collective rather than highlight individual artists. Guest critics have included Joe Havel director of Glassell School, Alison de Lima Greene curator contemporary art MFAH, Arthur Turner art educator Glassell School, Anya Tish, director of Anya Tish Gallery, Sally Sprout, director of exhibition at Williams Tower Gallery, Toby Kamps curator for the Menil Collection, Sarah Kellner of Houston Arts Alliance, Michelle White, Assistant Curator for the Menil Collection, Terri Sultan, Director of Parrish Art Museum, Clint Willour, Curator and Interim Executive Director, Galveston Arts Center, Christian Eckert art educator, and Howard Sherman artist.

The Rørpost Collaboration Project
"Rørpost" Rørpost  is a pneumatic tube in Danish. In the past pneumatic tubes were used in department stores to make change or exchange paper messages. In this case Rørpost is a metaphor for sending the paper exchange and art ideas across the Atlantic. The verb "Røre" basically means "to touch" when translated from Danish to English. Rørpost is the first phase of a three phase project: Rørpost, the tube, is a fast and free paper exchange. Røre, to touch, is creating art as a result of the collaborative process and the first touch. Rørledning, the pipe, has a larger diameter and exchange. Artists will travel to each other’s country to create art and/or exhibit. Rørsamling. the joint, is a connection.  Artists in other cities will form connections using the Rørpost to Rørledning model.

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