Past Workshops

Past Workshops


2/15/17     FREE 
Legal Clinic with TALA

Texas Accountants and Lawyers in the Arts (TALA), in partnership with Fresh Arts, will offer a free legal clinic for artists and arts-related nonprofit organizations who meet income eligibility guidelines and have legal questions related to the creative sector.

Musicians, artists, and representatives of arts nonprofit organizations will be provided up to 30 minutes consultation with a legal professional. 

3/3/17    Writing Effective Project Proposals  

Are you planning to apply for one of the many local "Calls for Exhibition Proposals" in the coming months? 

Before you do, Fresh Arts, in partnership with the Center for Art and Social Engagement at University of Houston, invites individual artists for an overview of how to write a successful project proposal. Attendees will learn strategies to improve their project proposal and hear what local reviewers are looking for in an exhibition or project submission.

3/31/17    Funding Strategies for Art Projects

Got a great creative idea but you need a little support to get it off the ground? 

Fundraising can be overwhelming, but getting the money for your upcoming art project may be simpler than you think. Join Fresh Arts and Susannah Mitchell, arts fundraising powerhouse and Executive Director of the Washington Avenue Arts District, for an overview workshop on strategies and resources for individual artists seeking funds to support their projects and professional art career.  LEARN MORE.

Hosted in in partnership with the Center for Art and Social Engagement at University of Houston.

4/28/17    Basic Business Skills for Visual Artists

Do you make artwork but have trouble knowing what to do with it afterward? Want to increase your art sales? 

Successful full-time artist Taft McWhorter shares his insight and practical tips on how to move art-making out of the corners of your life, and safely put it front and center.  Taft will help you create realistic timelines and budgets, give you insight into building a collector base, and discuss real world ways to begin building a sustainable career as an independent artist.  

Hosted in in partnership with the Center for Art and Social Engagement at University of Houston.

8/30/17    Fiscal Sponsorship Info Session

Join us on August 30th for a Bring-Your-Own-Lunch at United Way of Greater Houston to learn more about Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship program and how it can help you to raise more money for your creative project. We will be discussing how fiscal sponsorship works, who is eligible, and the benefits of being fiscally sponsored.  


2/8/16     Artist Tax Clinic

sold out!

As a working creative you may have several different jobs. This can make filing your taxes a little more complicated than someone who has an everyday 9-5, but it doesn't have to be. If you are unsure about how to file your taxes this year, let Fresh Arts, Project Row Houses, and Texas Lawyers and Accountants for the arts help you file like a pro.

This one-on-one legal clinic will give participants the opportunity to gain valuable advice on music and art related issues. All disciplines are welcome to participate; however, legal issues and questions must be related to work in the creative fields.

sold out!

Are you planning to apply for one of the many local "Calls for Exhibition Proposals" in the coming months? Before you do, sit down with a few of Houston's art directors to talk about ways to improve your project proposal. 
This workshop and curator panel will cover: the basics of writing an effective project proposal, examples of successful proposals, what reviewers are looking for in an exhibition submission, common pitfalls, local opportunities, and a Q&A session with a panel of experts.

3/29/16   Crafting your Artist's Statement + Artist Bio

Whether applying for a project grant or consideration into a gallery, art show, or coffee shop you will most likely be asked for an artist's statement and bio to accompany your work. Creating clear and inspired writing can be crucial to your success and expressing your artistic vision. Let Fresh Arts and Writespace guide you in writing an artist's statement + bio that you will be proud of! 

4/27/16   Alternative Funding Strategies for Artists

Join Fresh Arts for an overview workshop on strategies and resources for individual artists seeking funds to support their professional art career. 

This workshop will explore:  traditional and new models for funding creative practices and discuss their benefits and disadvantages, identifying local grant opportunities, fiscal sponsorship, and securing individual contributions and institutional support. The workshop will also provide tips for creating and managing successful crowd-funding campaigns and offer examples of how local artists have successfully raised money for their projects. (Specifics on grant-writing and crafting proposals will NOT be covered in this workshop, but will be covered later in Fresh Arts’ workshop series.)

5/25/16   Fiscal Sponsorship 101

What is Fiscal Sponsorship? Do I qualify and how do I apply? 

Fiscal Sponsorship is designed to support worthy art projects spearheaded by artists and collectives existing outside of traditional nonprofit models. A fiscal sponsor lightens the administrative burden for artist projects by eliminating the need to form a new board of directors, by streamlining processes, and by minimizing overhead costs. Join us and learn more about Fiscal Sponsorship and see if you qualify for fiscal sponsorship for your upcoming creative project.

6/29/16  Art in Public Spaces

Creating art in public spaces, whether it's visual art, music, street theater or another creative endeavor, can be a challenge.  Moving creative work out of the gallery, theater, or concert hall can require giving up control over several elements of the experience. Learn how to secure permissions for your work and anticipate the unexpected to successfully create art in public spaces. Join Fresh Arts and representatives from Weingarten Art Group and HAA Civic Art Dept. for a moderated panel discussion with Houston artists who've successfully navigated the public realm to organize cultural performances and projects. 

Learn effective methods for identifying potential patrons, cultivating new patrons, and deepening the patron relationship over time. Get practical tips on efficiently managing patron relationships in small shops, as well as a roadmap for turning attendees and fans into meaningful supporters of your organization.

8/23/16  Selling Local: a new workshop about winning at fine art + craft fairs, in collaboration with Pop Shop America founder, Brittany Bly 

Fine art and craft fairs are a great way to get your artwork out there and interact face to face with a big audience. Let Fresh Arts and Brittany Bly, Pop Shop America founder, guide you through local opportunities so that you can decide if selling at local art markets is right for you and learn how to navigate these selling opportunities successfully. This workshop will also discuss tips on how to grow your craft business and transition from selling at arts markets to approaching local retailers. Representatives from local shops and arts markets will be on hand to discuss their opportunities and application guidelines.

with expert Julie Pippert (Artful Media Group)


Are you spending hours every week on your social media outreach, yet you have no idea if you are actually reaching your audience? Do you want to grow your social media engagement but don't know what platform to use or how it will fit into your day-to-day marketing activities? Join Fresh Arts and Julie Pippert, Artful Media Group, for a conversation about integrating new social media tools, keeping up with changes in algorithms, and creating a standard for your organization that will help you determine the true value of your social media efforts. 


10/26/16    Meet Your Media: PR tips from the experts

with experts Joel Luks and Rainey Knudson

Learn what goes on behind the curtains at some of Houston’s most well known publications, how they choose what to cover, the basics of strong press releases, as well as a refresher on best practices when writing for any media outlet.

This one-part conversation, one-part workshop, will help provide greater understanding of how it works for the writers and how to write a more compelling press release, so you can be better equipped to effectively engage the local media.

Past panelists have included: Nancy Wozny (Arts + Culture Texas Magazine), Margaret Downing (Houston Press), Bill Davenport (Editor, Glasstire), Molly Glentzer (Arts, Houston Chronicle), and Joel Luks (Listings/Art, CultureMap).


With Elizabeth White Olsen, Writespace
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With Sarah Schellenberg, Fresh Arts + Dennis Nance, Lawndale Art Center, + Ryan Dennis, Project Row Houses
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 @ Winter Street Studios Gallery

Led by Kathy Ploch, CPA, Harper & Pearson Company, P. C
Wednesday, March 25, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With John Johnston, Classical Theatre Company
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Fresh Arts
Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With Glenn Taylor, Houston Symphony
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Fresh Arts
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

With Marica Horvious, Horvious Consultants
Wednesday, August 5, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

Meet Your Media: PR tips from the experts
With 88.7 KUHF, Houston Press, Arts & Culture Texas Magazine
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

Is Anybody Listening?: A workshop about getting the most out of your social media (for arts administrators) 
With Kami Watson Huyse, Zoetica Media, and Christian Brown, Houston Ballet
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 @ Fresh Arts

Writing a Great Grant (for independent artists)

With Christa Forster, Dominque Esteves, and Deidre Thomas

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 @ Fresh Arts


Budgeting for Unpredictable Incomes: the art of living well between contracts
Led by Tara Faircloth, Freelance Stage Director
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Legal Clinic, presented by TALA (Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts)
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

QuickBooks for Artists- presented by TALA
Led by Kathy Ploch, CPA and the Entrepreneurial Services Department Manager at Harper & Pearson Company, P. C
Thursday, February 13, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Tax Preparation for Artists
Presented by Kathy Ploch and hosted by Fresh Arts
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Funding Strategies for the Individual Artist
Led by Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Fresh Arts + Jerry Ochoa, Two Start Symphony
Wednesday, April 21, 2014 @ Art League Houston

Get it in writing!
Understanding and Crafting Contracts - with Emily Watts + attorney, Erin Rodgers
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 @ The Barn

Fundamental HR/Employment Policies for Organizations
For arts administrators of small to mid-sized nonprofits
Monday, June 2, 2014 @ Fresh Arts
Presenters: Elaine C. Becraft, Counsel, Labor & Employment, LyondellBasell + Bob Lawson, Director of Administration & Education, Theatre Under the Stars

Development Finance and Operation Basics for the Jack-of-All Arts Administrator
For arts administrators of small to mid-sized nonprofits
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 @ Fresh Arts
Presenters: Amy Lampi, Senior Director of Development Support Systems, Memorial Hermann Foundation + Joanna Torok, Houston Grand Opera

Meet your Media: A panel discussion on effectively communicating with arts writers in Houston
With Bill Davenport (Editor, Glasstire), Molly Glentzer (Arts, Houston Chronicle), and Joel Luks (Listings/Art, CultureMap)
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 @ DiverseWorks

Sharing Your Vision: Creating a Nonprofit Organization
With TALA and attorney, Erin Rodgers
Monday, July 28, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Legal Clinic with TALA - Free
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Artist Archives: Managing Records to Strengthen the Creative Process
With Patricia Hernandez, of Creating a Living Legacy (CALL)
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 @ Fresh Arts

Writing a Great Grant
With Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Christa Forster, and Shannon Teasley of Houston Arts Alliance
Wednesday, October 22, 2014  @ Fresh Arts

Office Hours: Grant Clinic
Wednesday, October 29,2014  @ Fresh Arts


Funding Strategies for the Independent Artist
With Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Fresh Arts & Jerry Ochoa, Two Star Symphony 
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 @ Fresh Arts

Writing for the Media: The nitty gritty of effective communication with the press
With Joel Luks, Culture Map
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 @ Fresh Arts 

I’ve made the work, what now?
Basic Business Skills for Visual Artists 
With artist Taft McWhorter
Wednesday: August 7, 2013 @ Fresh Arts

Writing a Great Grant: An Overview for Indivdual Artists
Led by independent expert Sara Kellner
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 @ Fresh Arts

Do It Yourself Success: Plan and Grow Your Dream Project
With Eleanor C. Whitney
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ The Tinderbox

Office Hours" with Sara Kellner

One-on-One grant review with expert art consultant, Sara Kellner
Saturday, November 2, 2013  @ Fresh Arts


11/6/2010  Breakthrough Skills for the Modern-Day Artist
1/26/2011  Evolving Your Career: Basic Business Skills for Visual Artists
2/12/2011  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic
2/23/2011  Social Media Management
  3/2/2011  Developing a PR & Marketing Strategy
3/10/2011  Fiscal Sponsorship & Crowd Funding Info Session with Fractured Atlas and IndieGoGo
4/23/2011  Financial Literacy
5/14/2011  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic
5/18/2011  Info Session: Health Insurance Options for Individual Artists & Small Organizations
6/18/2011  Portfolio Preparation & Review (limited to 25 participants)
6/22/2011  QuickBooks Training
 7/13/2011  Art Licensing & Leasing
7/20/2011  Get Discovered: Optimizing Tools to Enhance Your Web Presence
8/10/2011  Word Up!: Harnessing the power of WordPress to create Blogs, Websites & Portfolios
8/13/2011  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic @ Spacetaker
8/31/2011  Funding Strategies for the Individual Artist
9/14/2011  Info Session on New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) services & resources for artists
10/1/2011  Grant Writing Practicum (limited to 20 participants)
  10/26/11  DIY Event & Exhibition Planning
  10/29/11  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic @ Spacetaker
12/7/2011  Intro to Civic Art
   12/12/11  Career Seminar for Musicians: Music Licensing & Positioning Yourself for Success
1/25/2012  Right of Publicity (co-sponsored with Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts)
2/11/2012  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic (Free)
2/29/2012  Evolving Your Career: Basic Business Skills for Visual Artists
  3/8/2012  Fiscal Sponsorship + Crowdfunding = $$ for Creative Projects (Free)
3/28/2012  Speaka My Language?: Press Release vs. Promotional writing styles
  5/2/2012  Identifying Resources & Funding Strategies for Artists & Arts Groups
5/19/2012  TALA Legal & Accounting Clinic @ Fresh Arts (Free)
5/30/2012  Writing Your Artist Statement
 6/6/2012  Utilizing Google for Nonprofits (Free)
   9/24/12  Ticket Pricing: Pay-what-you-can to Demand-based models. What's best for your org?

Our professional development curriculum is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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