Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fresh Arts offers a fiscal sponsorship program which allows artists and arts organizations to create methods to support our creative community outside of traditional nonprofit models. In the city of Houston, there is a passionate community of philanthropic individuals, charitable foundations, and government institutions devoted to funding the arts, however, many of our most talented independent artists and small companies are ineligible to receive grants and tax-deductible contributions without 501(c)(3) tax status. The alternative to working through a fiscal sponsorship program (creating a new nonprofit organization) comes with a significant administrative burden, which is neither in the average artist’s wheelhouse, nor the best use of their time—time better spent in the studio, in the practice room, or on stage. Via the fiscal sponsorship program, individual artists and projects aligned with Fresh Arts’ mission are able to utilize its nonprofit status to solicit funds. Through these services, Fresh Arts can open the door to new streams of support for our city’s independent artists, while providing fiscal oversight for utilizing charitable funds, as well as consultation services to enhance their professional skills.



Fresh Arts is utilizing the Model C “grantor/grantee relationship” model for its fiscal sponsorship program, following best practices as set forth by the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors. To complement the fiscal sponsorship services, Fresh Arts arms artists and stakeholders in sponsored projects with professional development support during the process. Customizing some of our workshop programming and consultation services for our roster of sponsored projects provides them with a wrap-around network of support to promote financial sustainability, a higher degree of professionalism, and enhanced knowledge of business practices in the sector.

Fiscal sponsorship applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, and the timeframe from submission to notification of acceptance takes one month. (You must be a member of Fresh Arts to apply.) You can review the preliminary fiscal sponsorship application here. (Note: You will be prompted to create a free Submittable account before applying).  For more information, please see our Fiscal Sponsorship FAQs or contact us at  Sign up for updates about the fiscal sponsorship program here



For a limited time, Fresh Arts is waiving membership fees for our fiscal sponsorship program to artists and arts projects affected by Hurricane Harvey, and will accelerate the application process to help artists raise money for relief and recovery as quickly as possible. 

Fiscal Sponsorship provides access to Fresh Arts new crowdfunding platform and allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under Fresh Arts' exempt status. In the aftermath of Harvey, this will enable artists to access emergency funding available to aid with recovery as well as the preservation and rebuilding of your creative projects! 

To apply for emergency fiscal sponsorship:

Fresh Arts' Fiscal Sponsorship Pilot Program was made possible through the generous support of the Heimbinder Family Foundation

PO BOX 66494
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