First Ward is Blooming

A public art installation lead by artist Carol Simon.  The project involves creating a public art installation on a 150 ft fence on Houston Avenue in the First Ward using approximately 10,000 upcycled water bottles. 

About Carol Simon:

Carol Simon is an emerging, self taught artist. She considers herself an abstract expressionist painter but she also makes sculptures out of up-cycled materials. 
She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in both Texas and California. Simon is a native Houstonian and an alumna of the University of Texas in Austin. She taught art and art history to elementary students at City Artworks and covered the art scene as contributing writer for the Houston Inner Looper Newspaper. Most recently, she organized a women’s art club to view and experience art. 
In 2016, after working with several different upcycled materials in her art pieces, visiting Prague and seeing several community art installations, she decided to lead a community wide public art project for the First Ward of Houston, using 10,000 water and soda bottles to form a colorful flower garden on a 150 ft fence on Houston Avenue and Edwards Street. She holds regular work sessions for the installation at her studio for public and private groups as well as having individuals and businesses collecting bottles 
Carol doesn't paint or create with preconceived ideas. She is spontaneous and uses her intuition as her guide. Her technique involves pouring, splattering, blowing and moving ink and paint with different tools as well as making gestural marks on the canvas. Carol experiments with different mediums but uses alcohol inks in most of her paintings after she discovered the spontaneity and magic that alcohol inks create as well as the vibrant colors that bring each piece to life. Many of her works are on plexi-glas to let the transparency of the inks spill onto the wall displaying a three dimensional, silhouette effect. Simon’s gets her inspiration for many of her pieces from the glass artist, Dale Chilhuly.

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