Request for Proposals: Immersive Art Installations at The Fresh Arts Glow Ball Gala 2019

Do you have an art concept that you would like to bring to life at the Fresh Arts Glow Ball gala? Please read the Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines before applying.

  • Submittable URL:

  • Submission Deadline:11:59pm on Monday, February 11, 2019

  • Budget:$1,000 (including design, fabrication, installation)

  • Five (5) proposals will be selected

  • Opportunity is open to:Houston-area artists/creatives of all disciplines from emerging to established. Previous experience in art installations is not required, but preferred. Individuals as well as artist collectives or teams are welcome to apply. All applicants MUST be over the age of 21 and live within a 50-mile radius of Houston.

  • Applicable art forms include, but are not limited to: projections, site-specific installations, and/or performances that create interactive experiences.

Request for Proposals: 

Immersive Art Installations at The Fresh Arts Glow Ball Gala 2019

Fresh Arts is seeking proposals from artists, creatives, or collectives to create five (5) works of art to be showcased at the Fresh Arts Glow Ball gala held on Friday, March 29, 8pm – Midnight and during a public pop-up event on Saturday, March 30, 11am – 5pm. Proposals should incorporate visual elements relating to the “Glow Ball” theme which is open to creative interpretation. Glow theme elements may include, but are not limited to use of neon colors, exploring luminescence and things that glow or involve blacklights, a play on the 80s GLOW wrestling show, etc. Works that create an immersive art experience are preferred. 


A total of five (5) proposals will be selected. The selected artists will each receive $1,000 to complete the project, including design, materials, equipment rental, site preparation, and installation.

Artworks/Installations are to be loaded in and installed on Thursday, March 28. Installation must be completed no later than Noon on Friday, March 29 with deinstallation taking place Saturday, March 30, 2019 from 5:30-midnight. Please review the project timeline for more details.


The deadline for applications to be received is 11:59pm on Monday, February, 11, 2019. All applications must be submitted through the provided Submittable portal

 Applicants will be notified of their status onFriday, February 15, 2018 by 5pm. Please do not call for results.

About the Glow Ball gala

Fresh Arts is pleased to announce our Annual Gala fundraiser, the Glow Ball on Friday, March 29 from 8pm – 12am at Silver Street Studios. The Glow Ball experience will culminate with a pop-up event the following day on Saturday, March 30 from 11am–5pm. 


Houston’s biggest artistic party supports the professional development of our community’s vibrant, passionate creatives, raising key funding needed to continue work in strengthening the Houston arts community by supporting the artists who create it. Thus, Fresh Arts leverages the gala as a platform to showcase a wide range of Houston’s artistic talent through performances, live painters, a silent art auction, and wild costumes.


Funds raised from the Glow Ball support Fresh Arts and the development of professional skill-building opportunities for local artist entrepreneurs.  It also supports programming to gain new audiences for rising artists, designers, performers and makers for the benefit of the Houston community.  

View the 2018 gala photos HERE.



Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines


Artist Eligibility

-Open to artists/creatives of all disciplines.

-Artist collectives or creative teams are welcome to apply.

-Artist(s) must live with a 50-mile radius of Houston.

-Artist(s) must be over the age of 21.

-Previous experience in art installations is not required, but preferred.

-Applicable art forms include, but are not limited to, projections, site-specific installations, and/or performances that create interactive experiences.

Project Guidelines

The selected works will be located indoors at the Silver Street Studios event space which is a 20,000 sq. ft open warehouse with concrete floors, metal sheeting walls, and 26 ft high open beam ceilings. 

Each art installation must encompass a space that is 10’ to 15' wide x 10’ deep with no height restrictions. 

Artists will have access to electrical wall outlets, a scissor lift (signed waiver required to operate), and downlighting will be made available, if needed, to better highlight the artwork/space. All other lighting elements and structures, including design, fabrication, and installation and breakdown are the artist’s responsibility.

Additionally, Fresh Arts will provide:

-Prominent signage with the artist’s name and bio

-Marketing and promotion of the artist’s participation through social media, email blasts, and placement on the Fresh Arts website

-(4) complimentary tickets to the Glow Ball gala (a $400 value)

-A 1-year Fresh Arts Membership (a $65 value)

-$1,000 project stipend (includes design, fabrication, installation and materials) 


Criteria for Selection

Proposals that integrate the following elements will be preferred:

-Fits with the Glow Ball theme

-Shows well in both day and night

-Suitable for indoor display

-Soundly and professionally constructed 

-Appropriate for viewing by visitors of all ages

-Works that creative interactive experiences are preferred

-Cross-disciplinary and/or multimedia collaborative efforts are encouraged 

Project Timeline

Applications open                               Monday, January 21

Applications due                                 Monday, February 11 by 11:59pm

Selected Artists notified                     Friday, February 15 by 5pm

Artist Agreement signed                    Wednesday, February 20

50% Payment                                       Friday, February 22

Installation period                               Thursday, March 28 – Friday, March 29

Balance Payment                               Upon completion of installation

Installations complete                       No later than Noon on Friday, March 29

Event times                                         Friday, March 29, 8pm – Midnight 

                                                  and Saturday, March 30, 11am – 5pm

Deinstallation                                      Saturday, March 30, 5:30pm – 11:59pm


Artist Responsibilities

-Artists are responsible for both the installation and the deinstallation of their work.

-Additionally, artists are responsible for materials and all elements of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of their installation for the entire duration of the event period. Fresh Arts is not responsible for any damage or losses to an installation during the event.

-Artists must allow Fresh Arts to publish videos or images of the installation process, in addition to advertised photography of people interacting with the installed art through the event period. Promotion of the installed works will be provided by Fresh Arts with appropriate attribution to the artist(s).


How to apply

Submit the following information and materials via the Submittable application portal no later than Monday, February 11 by 11:59pm CT 

-Artist/Team info

          -General contact info

          -Names and bios of all participants (250 words or less per bio)

          -Websites, social media links

          -Description of Qualifications + Past Experience

-Detailed Project Description that addresses the following:

          -Overall vision for the project

          -How will you incorporate the Glow theme?

          -Other themes or images presented in your proposed work

-Describe your qualifications for this project

          -Relevant experience with art installations including type, location(s) and length of display

          -Other notable experiences, awards, etc.

-A basic construction or installation plan that includes

          -Method for assembly or construction

          -Dimensions of any structures

          -Electrical or technical specifics

          -Materials and tools used

-Attachments should include:

          -Photos of past work or installations

          -Provide a sketch, photo, or rendering of the proposed art installation. The more visual 

           representations you can provide, the better.

          -Image list with descriptions

About Fresh Arts

Fresh Arts mission is to champion local artists and creative entrepreneurs to succeed in the business of art.

Our programs help advance the careers of local artists and creative entrepreneurs by complementing their artistic practices through carefully cultivated communities that facilitate shared resources, knowledge, experiences, and audiences. We achieve this through resource sharing, skill building initiatives and through our artist-centered communities’ programs.

File attachments:
Due Date: Feb 11, 2019 is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

MEXICO & PERU: All Self-Directed & Instructional Residency Programs – Summer & Fall 2019

Apply Now through Sunday, June 2, 2019: Partial tuition fee waiver options. Spaces are limited.

Arquetopia Foundation & International Artist Residency

Puebla, Mexico – Oaxaca, Mexico –
Cusco, Peru

All Self-Directed & Instructional Residency Programs: Summer
& Fall 2019


Apply Now through Sunday, June 2, 2019: Partial tuition fee waiver options. Spaces are limited. All residency
applications are evaluated for selection when they are received vs. after the
deadline has passed.



E-mail for more information.


Founded in 2009, Arquetopia Foundation
is an internationally established, award-winning nonprofit arts and cultural
foundation with a social scope that emphasizes critical thinking through
artistic practices. Our comprehensive, customized  
International Artist-in-Residence
are the largest and most reputable
in Latin America, with an array of contents anchored in a solid structure of
collaborations with prominent cultural institutions, renowned experts, and
notable artists. We are invested in approaching art and art history with a
critical perspective by understanding Mexico and Peru’s complexity in context
and incorporating nuances in narratives and interpretation especially of the
3,000-year heritage of visual culture of these two countries. Our residency
programs offer competitive professional opportunities for emerging and
mid-career, national and international artists, designers, curators, art
historians, art educators, writers, journalists, and cultural researchers age
20 and over.

Arquetopia is now welcoming applications for the
following residency programs in the majestic historic district of Puebla,
Mexico; the open countryside of Oaxaca, Mexico; and the Sacred Valley of the
Andes of Cusco Peru:

& FALL 2019

Click on each link below for program info on our website.


1. Art, Design, or Photography
Production Residency.

Self-directed, flexible sessions of 4
to 12 weeks. Various techniques and resources offered in Puebla or Cusco.


2. Mexican Ceramics

Self-directed, flexible sessions of 6 to
12 weeks in Puebla.


Printmaking Residency.

Self-directed, flexible sessions of 4 to 12 weeks in Puebla.


Art Educators Residency.

Develop new art education projects with students, exploring diverse
pedagogic techniques with multiculturalism. Self-directed (staff-assisted),
extendable sessions of 4 weeks in Puebla.


Art History or Cultural Research Residency.

Explore magnificent southern Mexico’s unique archives and resources from
pre-Hispanic to contemporary. Self-directed (staff-assisted), flexible sessions
of 3 to 8 weeks in Puebla.


6. Writers

Self-directed, flexible sessions of 3 to 8 weeks in Oaxaca or




Click on
each link below for program info on our website.


7. Gold
Leafing and Estofado Instructional Residency.

Learn Gold Leafing (Gilding) and
Estofado techniques,
with time for independent production.
Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in Puebla or Cusco.


8. Mexican
Textiles Instructional Residency: Weaving, Embroidery, or Tapestry.

Learn traditional Mexican Textiles
(back-strap Weaving, Embroidery, or Tapestry, with time for independent
Extendable sessions of 3 or 4 weeks in Oaxaca.


9. Natural Ink
Silkscreen Instructional Residency.

Learn to create and use a variety of Natural
Inks for silkscreening, with time for independent production
Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in Oaxaca.


10. Natural
Pigments Instructional Residency.

Learn to create and use a variety of
Natural Pigments for fiber dyeing, with time for independent production
Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in Oaxaca or Cusco.


11. Organic
Painting Instructional Residency.

Learn Organic Painting techniques, with time
for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in Puebla.


12. Peruvian
Arts Instructional Residencies: Painting or Sculpture.

Learn one of two Peruvian art
techniques: Painting or Sculpture,
with time for independent
production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in Cusco.


13. Peruvian Textiles Instructional Residency: Andean Weaving.

Learn traditional Andean Weaving, with
time for independent production.
Extendable sessions of 3 weeks in


14. Pre-Columbian
Ceramics Instructional Residency.

Learn pre-Columbian Ceramics techniques,
with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 5
weeks in Puebla or Cusco.


Visit the
Arquetopia website at

E-mail for complete information dossier.

Complete and submit the Arquetopia Artist-in-Residence
Application Form
, following the instructions on the web page.

selection, applicants are notified immediately via e-mail.


Arquetopia is
distinguished worldwide for its
array of
unique, customized residency programs
with substantial
content. Our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art
professionals, writers, and researchers and are built on structured,
informative programs; a network of collaborative workspaces, institutions, and
and individualized project support.


Arquetopia is committed to providing an inclusive
and welcoming environment for all members of our diverse local and international
community. Arquetopia’s resident artist and staff backgrounds vary in all
aspects. As part of Arquetopia’s mission is to promote diversity, Arquetopia
actively fights discrimination by offering access to its programs and
activities without regard to race, color, gender or gender expression, national
origin, age, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.


Main Website:




File attachments:
Due Date: Jun 3, 2019
Contact Name: Christopher Davis, Co-Executive Director
Phone: +52 222 594 7728
Fee: (Contact Us for Program Tuition Info) is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

Poetry Open Mic ft. Lupe Mendez

Our open mics are open to ALL. Come see local poets from all across the greater Houston area share original works of poetry. Our signup lists go up at 7:30 pm. Most individuals start arriving before then to guarantee a spot on the list. First come. First serve.

How do I get on the list?

Our featured performer this week is Lupe Mendez!
See more from Lupe Mendez here:

*Our featured performer will perform around 9:45 pm.

We're on YouTube! Before you read further make sure to subscribe to to see the great poets we have perform every week and throughout the year!

Follow us on Social Media for more updates about everything!

More info about Write About Now and upcoming shows, please visit our website:


Note: By attending or performing at this event you are consenting to allow the use of photos or videos for the promotional purposes of this show.


This is a nonrefundable event.

May 15, 2019
7:30 pm
General Categories: 
Event Type: 

Hombres Sinceros: ART + LIT

Join us for an afternoon of art and literature! The artists featured in "Hombres Sinceros" share performances, poetry, and artist talks. This event also welcomes readings from guest poets.

"Hombres Sinceros" takes its name from a poem, "Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero," by Cuban freedom fighter and national hero, José Martí, and is presented in conjunction with "Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero - A Latin Chamber Music Concert", a MECA presents production by percussionist Craig Hauschildt and violinist Jackson Guillen.

Featured artists in this exhibition include:
Angel Castelán
El Edu
Simon Gonzales
Marcos Hernández
Ibraim Do Nascimento Santos
Alexander Squier with Edwin Terrell
Saul Hernandez-Vargas
Erick Zambrano

With creative contributions from writer and poet Reyes Ramirez.

Visual and literary artists and for this exhibition were selected via the first-ever open call organized by Manteca HTX, a registry & directory of Houston Latinx creatives. The artists included in "Hombres Sinceros," in particular, consider shared cultural heritage and transgenerational inheritance through art-making.

This project is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.
May 18, 2019
2:00 pm
General Categories: 

El Chow: Mango verde -Sound and Poetry

El Chow: Mango verde presents:
- Sound and Poetry -
Queer edition (always)

Join us for our closing reception at El Chow: Mango verde! With an amazing group of queer poets and sound artists!

El Chow: Mango verde was created to showcase Queer Latinx folx, by queer Latinx folx. With the goal of highlighting and uplifting our community, and to create more shows which talk about queer identities and themes. To create opportunities to show our work, create space and community, not just in Houston, but for it to expand our network!

This event is created mainly for queer latinx and poc to share their poetry or sound art! Other queer people are welcome to join and share, but please be mindful of the space, thank you!

The last days to view the show is May 18th! Wednesday is a great opportunity to check out the show! and enjoy the work of other creatives!

May 15, 2019
7:30 pm

Artist INC Presentation Night After Party (NEW DATE)

New date!
Artist INC-Houston Presentation Night
After Party!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
9:30pm to Midnight
@ Decatur Bar & Pop-up Factory
2310 Decatur St, Houston, TX 77007

Due to predicted weather reports of flash flooding, we have rescheduled our Artist INC Houston Presentation Night and the After Party to May 22nd. If you have any questions please contact our team at

The presentations are done, and we're thirsty! Come celebrate with Fresh Arts and the 2019 Artist INC graduating class at the exciting and beautiful new bar situated right in the Arts District: Decatur Bar & Pop-Up Factory. 

Decatur Bar & Pop-Up Factory is dedicated to supporting Houston’s culinary, cocktail and creative communities by providing a space to cultivate and incubate local talent.

Presenting artists include:
Héctor Arguelles // Emily Arrow // Cuyler Ballenger // Marissa Castillo // Shannon Crider // Tatiana Escallon // Jaime Frugé-Walne // Marsha Glickman // Rachel Gonzales // Nyssa Juneau // Brandon Kafarela // Carla Sue // Joseph Nance // P M Neist // Anthony Pabillano // Miles Payne // Peace // Crystal Rae // Jelisa Jay Robinson // Nicci Sevier-Vuyk // Laura Sprague // Chris Thomas // Caroline Truong // Zulma Vega // Arnea Williams

Artist INC-Houston Spring 2019 Peer Facilitators include Emanuelee “Outspoken” Bean, Eepi Chaad, Tami Merrick Moschioni, Nicola Parente, Dominique Royem, and Lori Yuill.

Artist INC Houston is powered by Fresh Arts and is generously funded by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts, Windgate Charitable Foundation, Inc., and the state arts agencies of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Additional support for the Artist INC Houston 2019 session has been provided in part by Frost Bank and Art Colony Association.

May 22, 2019
New date!
9:30 pm to 11:59 pm
Wednesday Time & Price:

Houston Arts Alliance: Director of Civic Art

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is a local arts and culture organization whose principle work is to implement the City of Houston’s vision, values, and goals for its arts grantmaking and civic art investments. HAA’s work is conducted through contracts with the City of Houston, overseen by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. HAA also executes privately funded special projects to meet the needs of the arts community, such as disaster preparation, research on the state of the arts in Houston, and temporary public art projects that energize neighborhoods. 

In short, HAA helps artists and arts nonprofits be bold, productive, and strong. The Civic Art Division services a City of Houston contract to execute the City’s percent for art ordinance, which requires a percentage of certain public construction projects be dedicated to public art commission or acquisitions. The contract also employs HAA in conservation of the City’s nearly 650 works of art. Areas of expertise include public art best practices, project planning, management of public approval processes, art integration into landscape and architecture, neighborhood and community engagement with public art, and contract and budget management.



-Ensure Civic Art programs are accessible to and accessed by artists at various stages of career growth and of all backgrounds and self-identities

-Work with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) and the CEO to define short and long-term goals for the program and to prioritize and provide oversight to civic art projects

-Manage civic art projects and the Civic Art division in accordance with the City of Houston Civic Art Ordinance, HAA’s contract with the City of Houston, the City’s policies and procedures about civic art, and with generally accepted public art standards and governing ordinances and policies

-Serve, honor, and exalt the artists who inquire or compete for public art opportunities, both interpersonally and through formal contracting and contract implementation procedures.

-Provide oversight to all Civic Art projects for all client types, including staff management of projects and tasks or direct project management, as needed

-Ensure positive, productive relationships with MOCA and other City officials, as well as any private or nonprofit clients or stakeholders

-Support and facilitate the operations of the Civic Art Committee of the Board of Directors

-Generate reports and presentations as required for City officials and others 

-Annually prepare Civic Art budget, goals, annual report, and other artifacts

-Cultivate and close contract engagements with nonprofit and for-profit clients

-Establish, with organization leadership, and meet annual income goals

-Administer contracts outside of the City of Houston on time and within budget, managing positive relationships with clients for ongoing engagements

-Manage Civic Art staff and budget in accordance with organizational policies and procedures


Bachelor’s degree in art, art history, arts administration, architecture, planning or related area is required. Master’s degree in a relevant field of study is preferred.


-Five years of experience in public art planning and administration

-Substantial knowledge of public art, design, and contemporary art issues

-Knowledge of the processes for design, fabrication, and construction of public art projects of various scale and complexity

-Knowledge of public art conservation practice

-Familiarity with both public and entrepreneurial methods of funding public art

-Ability to manage multiple programs, to develop and coordinate team approaches to problem solving, and to work successfully with diverse stakeholders

-Demonstrated leadership and relationship management abilities, including staff management

-Positive organizational culture contributions, cooperation, humor, and soft skills value additions

-Killer communication skills


Keyboard and calculator use. Use of routine office equipment (copier, postage machine, telephones, computer, facsimile, etc.). Must be able to lift objects up to 25 pounds. Occasional work on evenings and weekends, as needed. Must be able to travel throughout the greater Houston area.


Supervises all Civic Art staff, interns, and volunteers. Is supervised by CEO.


To apply, email a cover letter and resume to John Abodeely, CEO, at, with “Civic Art Director application” in the subject line. Please address job responsibilities in the application materials. The deadline for applications is May 22, 2019.

Due Date: May 22, 2019 is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

Moody Center for the Arts: Associate Director of Development

The Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University has a bold mission to encourage creative thinking and original expression, enrich curricular innovation, and promote cross-campus and community collaboration through transformative encounters with the arts.

The Associate Director of Development (ADoD) supports the mission of The Moody Center for the Arts by engaging a unique portfolio of donors and prospects. Working closely with the leadership team and Development and Alumni Relations, the ADoD maintains and increases annual giving; manages a calendar of donor communication projects and special events; serves as a key player in the engagement and stewardship of a tiered group of annual supporters along with donors and prospects capable of major gifts; and supports the shaping and execution of the center’s operating and campaign fundraising plans and goals.

The ideal candidate is motivated, a self-starter who has a strong appreciation of the arts, possesses excellent communication and project management skills, is comfortable soliciting gifts, skillful at building relationships, and highly organized.

Essential Functions:

- Maintains a portfolio of major gift prospects through the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of donors with an emphasis on $100,000+ gifts
- Collaborates with colleagues in corporate and foundation relations on numerous grant proposals
- Identifies fundraising priorities and devise plans and strategies to accomplish goals
- Works collaboratively with staff and development colleagues in support of fundraising initiatives
- Collaborates on development-related communications and events
- Performs all other duties as assigned

Additional Functions & Responsibilities:

- In consultation with the Executive Director and DAR, creates an annual development plan with prioritized goals and objectives that span all three sectors; the goals will include both institutional and individual targets and timelines
- Works with DAR’s Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR), to identify and target new corporate and/or foundation donors
- Writes grant proposals to local and national foundations
- Travels for the purpose of developing new relationships and soliciting new sources of funding, as needed

Due Date: May 20, 2019 is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

Society for the Performing Arts: Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Marketing & Communications. TheDirector of Marketing and Communications will develop execute and evaluate comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategies for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a non-profit multi-disciplinary presenter in Houston Texas. Requiring solid strategic and analytic capabilities, Director will promote awareness and drive revenues through subscription and single ticket strategies across web, digital, print and broadcast media for approximately 35 engagements annually in all disciplines of theater, dance, comedy, family performances, classical and non-classical music concerts, along with a National Geographic and speaker series. This position also oversees comprehensive communication and branding strategies, website development and maintenance and works closely with General Manager on patron services including box office, ticketing, and donor record keeping and communication. Director will oversee Public Relations and Creative Manager. 

Specific Responsibilities: 

1. Lead the creation and execution of a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that supports organization’s programmatic, artistic, education and fundraising goals across all channels with defined, measurable success metrics. 

2. Work closely with small team to develop, support, and manage integrated marketing plans and all subsequent campaign elements including revenue management. 

3. Direct pricing strategies, revenue projections, evaluation, reporting, data analytics, web site management and development, CRM database management (, and e-communication strategies. 

4. Identify, cultivate, and build strategic marketing partnerships with mainstream marketing and affinity groups.

5. Implement selling strategies for subscriptions and single ticket sales events. Create time tables for multi-media efforts, analyze daily results and adjust as needed to meet sales goals. 

6. Media Planner and buyer, keep abreast of media choices in the market, negotiate print and broadcast buys with added-value components for each season. 

7. Create targeted promotions that complement events, generate awareness/excitement, and offer potential press opportunities and community outreach. 

8. Design and implement comprehensive organizational communications strategies to include messaging, list segmentation and copy-writing. 

9. Work with PR to create copy for website, e-marketing, and other campaigns as needed. 

10. Work collaboratively across the organization to integrate SPA brand into all materials, communications, and channels including our physical space. 

11. Stay abreast of audience demographics, trends and needs. Develop and analyze audience surveys for quick reads on specific issues. 

12. Other duties as assigned. 


Director of Marketing and Communications (cont.) Essential Skills/Qualifications: 

-A minimum of 7 years of relevant experience developing, implementing, and evaluating successful marketing strategies, with progressive experience in leadership and/or leading teams 

-A strategic and analytical thinker who can translate short- and long-term goals into practical, implementable plans of action tied to evaluation and key performance indicators 

-Hands on collaborative leader who can set a vision and direction and be part of the working team with their own projects and timelines that advance collective efforts. 

-Knowledge of and experience with Houston’s arts and arts education communities Excellent written communication and oral presentation skills
Demonstrated success leading a team toward a common goal, emphasizing collaboration, respect, and high performance

-Excellent time management and project management skills with the ability to drive multiple projects simultaneously

-Facility and competency working with digital marketing and social media technologies and platforms including comfort working with websites, email platforms, databases, and design programs including any of the following: Word-press, Mailchimp, FileMaker, Adobe Creative Suite 

-Flexibility to work nights and weekends

-Must hold a Bachelor's degree or higher

-Positive, cooperative work ethic and interaction with staff, board, guests and visitors.

-High degree of initiative and attention to detail; ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple projects and deadlines.

-Proficiency with MS Outlook 
MS Word MS Excel MS PowerpointWordpress Must be able to lift 30 lbs. or more. 

Due Date: May 15, 2019 is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

Sharjah Art Foundation FOCAL POINT Publishing Grant

Sharjah Art Foundation invites artists, writers, collectives and independent publishing houses working with art publications and printed matter to apply for the first cycle of the FOCAL POINT Publishing Grant. Encompassing both emerging and established individuals and publishing initiatives, the award will provide full or partial (e.g. initiating, completing or launching) support for individual book and print projects and/or independent set-ups that demonstrate a long-term plan for publishing books and other printed matter. 

A total of $30,000 will be awarded to two or more grantees. Applicants should submit a grant application and an overview of the project for which they seek support. Projects will be assessed on the conceptual framework and originality. The artistic approach, format and content are open.

FOCAL POINT is Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual art book fair organised to present a wide range of printed matter. The three-day event features regional and international artists and publishers, participating either by invitation or through an open call, who present their content individually or within curated sections. A public programme of talks, screenings, book launches, open studios and themed educational workshops runs alongside the book fair.

The next edition of FOCAL POINT will take place from 14 to 16 November 2019 in Bait Obaid Al Shamsi, situated in Sharjah’s Arts Square.

The submission deadline for the FOCAL POINT Publishing Grant applications is
 8 June 2019. Completed projects supported by the publishing grant will be launched at FOCAL POINT in November 2019. is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


Fresh Arts |  The Silos at Sawyer 1502 Sawyer St, Studio #103 Houston, TX 77007