Free Movie Night "The Call of Dudy - Bohemian Bagpipes across the border"

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Our CCMH movie night  is back!

FREE to the Public

Doors Open for exhibit viewing: 6.30 p.m.

Movie Begins: 7.00 p.m.

November 10, 2017 (Friday)

Call of Dudy – Bohemian Bagpipes Across Borders

Bagpipes are generally associated with the Celtic Fringe of Europe, but one of the richest and ethnically diverse bagpipe traditions can be found in Central Europe. In the Czech Lands and in Neighboring Bavaria this traditions once became marginalized and almost disregarded. Yet this historical musical form has survived and even managed to renew itself, to develop further on a regional scale – crossing national and linguistic borders. Call of Dudy captures the people and places which are keeping this centuries – old tradition alive today for future generations.

 Please also enjoy our free popcorn & snacks!

Nov 10, 2017
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6:30 pm
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GAC Exhibit-Connect Artist Talk: Regina Agu in Conversation with Dr. Jens Figlus

Regina Agu and Dr.
Jens Figlus, Assistant Professor in the Department of Ocean
Engineering at Texas A&M Galveston (TAMUG), speak about the research
and collaboration between artist and scientist behind the exhibition Sea
Change. Dr. Figlus is part of a team of researchers at TAMUG who carried out a
pilot study to create and monitor test dunes on Galveston's East

Nov 16, 2017
6:00 pm
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6:00pm Free
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GAC Presents Three Solo Shows With Dan Schmal, Joan Laughlin, and Motoyuki Noguchi and Toshimichi Minagawa

Exhibitions on view at Galveston Arts Center November 25, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Galveston Arts Center (GAC) presents three exhibitions opening Saturday, November 25, 2017 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM with artist talks beginning at 6:30. In the first-floor
gallery, Galveston-based artist Dan
’s exhibition, Sufer’s Beach, references his
favorite surf spot through the re-creation of a life guard stand, photographs,
video, and printed materials. In the second-floor 1878 Gallery,
the exhibition Entanglement features paintings of the undergrowth of forests
and tree knots by Joan Laughlin. In
the Brown Foundation Gallery, Motoyuki
and Toshimichi Minagawa
of the Taiguruma Revival Project based
in Galveston’s sister-city, Niigata, Japan, reintroduce the lost art of
Japanese fish cart lanterns through an installation incorporating lanterns and
a radio broadcast of messages from visitors to the exhibition Taiguruma
Radio Station
. These exhibitions will remain on view through January 7, 2018.

Nov 25, 2017 to Jan 7, 2018
6:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Ron Ulicny: Raison d'etre

Industrious and reflective describe his latest creations and the artist himself, as Ron Ulicny makes
his triumphant return to Houston with a new series of signature sculptures. The
minimalist/surrealist works are both cerebral and amusing, as Ulicny uses carefully selected and
masterfully manipulated material to portray the workings of his mind. His latest solo exhibition,
Raison d’être, includes stunning wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures fabricated from
galvanized steel ducting. Ulicny embodies the meaning of the French phrase, as he brings his
relationship with his craft to the forefront of all that he does and shares it with the intrigued
audience. Every piece represents one of an infinite number of reasons for living and being an
artist. Ulicny is no stranger to taking risks with complete dedication and purpose. 

Oct 13, 2017
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
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Eyes of the Storm: HCC's Visual Arts Response to Hurricane Harvey

The Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts presents

Eyes of the Storm: HCC's Visual Art Response to Hurricane Harvey

Reception:  Wednesday, October 11, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
In The Gallery: October 11 - November 1
HCC Central Gallery, 3517 Austin at Holman

Hurricane Harvey evoked in every Houstonian a reaction, private yet shared, to the storm's devastation and to the inspiring response from neighbors and strangers alike.  In Eyes of the StormHCC Visual Arts invites its students, faculty, and staff to examine the impact of this catastrophic event on their lives and on their community. This group encompasses young and old, immigrants and native Texans, people of every color and from every neighborhood, professional artists and those who have never touched a paintbrush.  Participants, using art materials supplied in the gallery, will create a piece expressing their experience of Harvey and then attach it to the gallery walls in a pattern reflecting their location in the city. This collaborative installation will become a kind of map of the places and events that shaped our lives for several tumultuous days.

The exhibit will include a video, interviews with the participants, an oral history of a history-making event, a storm that tore down houses and built community.

This adventure in experiential storytelling will open with a reception October 11, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and will be in the HCC Central Gallery through November 1. Gallery Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Friday & Saturday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, closed Sunday. For more information, call 713-718-6600.

Oct 11, 2017 to Nov 1, 2017
Gallery Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Friday & Saturday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, closed Sunday.Free parking in the lot at the corner of Austin and Holman.
9:00 am to 9:00 pm
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Sculpture Month Houston: Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength and Sculpture Month Houston are celebrating the sculptural medium and the creative energies of the artists in all their diversity.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 21, 2017
6 - 9 pm, FREE

Tensile Strength is the second exhibition by Sculpture Month Houston at SITE Gallery at the Silos at Sawyer Yards. After the success of the inaugural exhibition in 2016 where predominantly the works of Houston based artists were showcased, Sculpture Month Houston has expanded its scope and future direction by inviting artists from neighboring cities and states.

The unique architecture of the silos, whereby the thirty four end terminals of the original rice silos were converted into individual art spaces, its soaring towers and raw industrial patina have intrigued the twenty participating artists to respond to this challenging space with works of great ambition and scope.

As a survey, the works define the evolution of sculpture from single static object to the exploration of space with all its tantalizing possibilities. The many diverse installations are re-imagining spatial concepts and directly engage the viewer while resonating at multiple sensory levels. Additionally, the unique sonic environment at the Silos space has encouraged several artists to incorporate sound pieces into their installation enhancing the complexity of their work. Above all, Tensile Strength and Sculpture Month Houston are celebrating the sculptural medium and the creative energies of the artists in all their diversity.

Oct 21, 2017 to Dec 2, 2017
6:00 pm
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12pm-6pm, FREE
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What Is Intersectionality?

This interdisciplinary panel discussion will provide an introduction to the topics of passing and intersectionality and will approach them through issues of representation, sculpture, and performance, as seen through Gaignard's work.

"Passing has always been a survival strategy, it's not about assimilation or conformity. In my daily life, passing is less of something that I seek out and more of something that's given to me," writes Genevieve Gaignard in the Fall 2017 issue of spot magazine. "There are a lot of assumptions of what Blackness should look like."

Gaignard's photographs point to a structure of identification and social acceptance that is inherently tied to the ways in which we present ourselves in the world through narrow categories outlined by the dominant culture: male, female, black, white, for instance. But, what does it mean to exist at the intersection of multiple identities, and how does an existence at that intersection shape how we navigate the world - and in turn, how the world treats us? This interdisciplinary panel discussion will provide an introduction to the topics of passing and intersectionality and will approach them through issues of representation, sculpture, and performance, as seen through Gaignard's work. In addition to the artist, the other panelists range from diverse academic discourses and include Dr. Jennifer Bratter, Director of Program for the Study of Ethnicity, Race and Culture (PSERC), Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of Sociology at Rice University, Dr. Sheila Katz, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Houston, and Dr. Natilee Harren, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Houston.

The panel will be moderated by Ashlyn Davis, Executive Director.

Oct 18, 2017
6:00 pm
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October 18th, 6pm - Free and open to the public

GAC Presents Three Exhibitions Featuring Giovanni Valderas, Christie Blizard, and Regina Agu

GAC Presents: Giovanni Valderas, Cristie Blizard, and Regina Agu Opening October 14th Through November 19th



                                                                                                                                Exhibitions on view October 14 –
November 19, 2017

at Galveston Arts Center


Galveston Arts Center (GAC) presents three exhibitions by
Texas-based artists in partnership with the 2017 Texas Biennial opening Saturday, October 14, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM with artist talks beginning at 6:30. In the
1st floor gallery, Dallas-based artist Giovanni Valderas incorporates Spanish idioms into piñata forms in an attempt to decipher the
complex relationships between the US and Latin America for the exhibition Tradecraft.
In the 1878 Gallery,
Regina Agu reconsiders the landscape
through photography, environmental research, and source texts for the
exhibition Sea Change.
In the Brown Foundation Gallery, Christi Blizard presents Wanting
not to want
, an installation of video and text paintings used in her
ongoing appearances in the audiences of popular morning television broadcasts.
exhibitions will remain
on view through November 19, 2017.


For the exhibition Tradecraft,
Giovanni Valderas
pulls from his culture, history, and origins to
produce three-dimensional mixed-media works that address the tattered
relationships with his Guatemalan, Mexican, and American ancestry. This new work
addresses issues with gentrification in Spanish speaking communities, and
incorporates frayed elements of the piñata. Through the use of idioms
incorporated into piñata forms, Valderas transforms these objects associated
with celebration to highlight an alternate view of the decay of traditional


explores representations of the physical and historical
landscape in her exhibition Sea
. Agu’s work explores narratives related to language,
history, and representation, and their intersections in contemporary ideas
around landscape and communities of color. Central to the exhibition is an
80-foot panoramic photograph printed on billboard vinyl documenting a group of
prototype sand dunes constructed from the sargassum that regularly washes up on
Galveston’s shores. Using landscape photography,
environmental research, and source texts, including Jean Rhys' 1966 feminist
Wide Sargasso SeaSea Change is a
speculative commentary on climate 
change, the tourism industry, environmental justice, and interrelated


Christie Blizard presents work from her ongoing project in which
the artist holds up text paintings on The
Today Show
and Good Morning America
for the exhibition Wanting not to want. Through Blizard’s disruptions of the
broadcast, she tests the boundaries of free speech in America. Since 2014,
Blizard has made approximately 30 appearances in the audiences of broadcasts of
these popular morning television programs. The project has gained national
attention through articles in Hyperallergic and ArtNews, and was nominated for an Art
Matters award
. For her exhibition, Wanting
not to want
, Blizard presents a new series of text paintings, video
projections and still images taken from appearances during the summer of 2017.
During the opening reception, Blizard will perform as Matt Lauer, host of The Today Show.


Oct 14, 2017
6:00 pm
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6:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.
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Open Call for the 12th Arte Laguna Prize

International art competition: apply now to win art residencies, prize money, personal exhibitions
The Arte Laguna Prize is an international art
competition aimed at promoting and enhancing contemporary art. The contest
stands out in the global art scene for the variety of its partnerships and
opportunities offered to artists, and is recognized worldwide as a real
springboard for the artists’ career. 
9 Contest categories:
painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short
films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art and this year's new
entry, urban art.

The theme is free and there are no age
or nationality restrictions
The international jury will select 115 artists for:

- the final exhibition in Venice in March 2018

- 5 cash prizes of € 7,000 each

- publication in the official catalogue

The Prize international Partners will select the
winners among all the participants for:

- 3 personal exhibitions in international Art Galleries

- 3 collaborations with companies and promotion platforms

- 11 Art Residencies

- participation in 3 International Festivals end exhibitions

- 1 Sustainability and Art Prize >>
ENTRIES OPEN  UNTIL 16.11.2017 >>

Prize money

€ 7.000,00

€ 7.000,00 Sculpture and Installation | Virtual Art

€ 7.000,00 Photographic Art | Digital Graphics

€ 7.000,00 Video Art and Short Films | Performance

€ 7.000,00 Land Art | Urban Art

Artist in Gallery Prizes

Realization of 3 personal exhibitions in
international Art Galleries including: set-up, grant of € 500 and a dedicated
digital catalogue.

Galerie Isabelle
Lesmeister, Regensburg Germany

Galeria Fernando
Santos, Porto Portugal

Chelouche Gallery
for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel


Development of creative projects to support

ARS (Art Reuse
Sustainability) of glass

Prize of 3,000 Euro for the winning project that enhances glass as part of the
RRR strategies (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce).

Artist in Residence Prizes

Art Residency programs in Italy and abroad in
order to provide a space and time to experience a new culture, create new works
and participate in new activities in a multicultural environment.
San Francisco Art Residency, San
Francisco USA

The Art Department - Casa dell’Arte
International Artists' Residency, Bodrum Turkey

GLO'ART, Lanaken Belgium

Espronceda, Barcelona Spain

Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata

Artistic Serigraphy Fallani, Venice

Farm Cultural Park, Favara Italy

Arte Sella, Trentino Italy

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai

Maradiva Cultural Residency,
Flic-en-Flac Mauritius

Murano Art Glass
Residency, Murano Venice, Italy

Business for Art Prizes

with companies meant to connect creativity with craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship, Padua Italy
: Prize of
2,000 Euro for the winning product design for a vase which will contain at
least one noble metal sheet, and realization of the project.

Biafarin, Canada: 12 Gold Membership
Packages for 12 artists, 12 Biafarin Blue Membership Packages. Prize of US$ 4,000
to 4 selected artists (Each US$ 1,000)

: Promotion of 1 artist through the platform
and the services of the portal For the
finalist artists
: a
free Platinum account, for 1 year

3 Festivals & Exhibitions

International collaborations with Festivals
and Organizations to create a network where artists, visibility, and new
projects meet.

Art Stays, Ptuj Slovenia: participation in the Festival and 7-day stay

Art Nova 100, Beijing China: exhibition of the 10 finalist videos in Summer

Open International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice Italy: participation
in the exhibition for 1 month


The major collective exhibition will take
place in the historical location of the Arsenale in Venice in March 2018: 30
works of painting, 25 sculptures and installations, 25 works of photographic
art, 10 videos, 5 land art works, 5 works of urban art, 5 works of virtual art,
5 works of digital graphics, 5 performances.which will be performed live during
the exhibition’s opening ceremony.


The selection of the submitted artworks will
be made by an international jury composed of 11 members subdivided into the
contest categories. 

Igor Zanti
(Italy, Curator and
Art Critic)


Domenico De Chirico (Italy, Independent Curator)

Caroline Corbetta (Italy, Independent Curator)

Denis Curti (Italy, Artistic Director of Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice)

Nicolangelo Gelormini (Italy, Film Director)

Emanuele Montibeller (Italy, Artistic Director of Arte Sella in Trentino)

Simone Pallotta (Italy, Curator of public and urban art)

Nadim Samman (Great Britain, Curator and Art Historian)

Manuel Segade (Spain, Director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid)

Ekaterina Shcherbakova (Russia, Independent Curator and Art Critic)

Eva Wittocx (Belgium, Senior Curator at M-Museum in Lovanio)


NOW >>>

tel. +39 041 5937242

Due Date: Nov 17, 2017
Contact Name: Sara Tortato
Phone: +390415937242
Fee: 55 euro per work submitted. Reduced fee for Under 25 artists is a free, user-managed website. Posts and comments submitted on do not necessarily serve as an endorsement or reflect the views of FreshArts or its staff.

Jack Pavlik: 10 Waves & Louis Watts: On Today, Exhibitions Opening Reception

Jack Pavlik: 10 Waves & Louis Watts: On Today, Exhibitions Opening Reception

Gray Contemporary is pleased to announce a two installation exhibition, Jack Pavlik 10 Waves in the Main
Gallery and Louis Watts On Today in the Second Gallery. Exhibition opens Saturday, September 9th from
5 - 8 pm, and will continue through October 14th, 2017.


Jack Pavlik:

My work engages the idea of modular sculptural objects working in and out of rhythmic movement. Chiming
sounds punctuate the variations in movement coming from a complex body of angles and curves. In this
merging of flexible, organically, moving material and geometric mechanical structures I am posing a larger
question for the audience: have we become part of the machines in our world, or have the machines become
part of us?

About the Artist:

Jack Pavlik (b. 1967 St. Paul, MN) lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. He received his MFA from Minneapolis
College of Art and Design in 2012. Recent exhibitions include: The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN (2016);
ArtFutura, Espacio Enter, Spain (2015); BEAM Festival, London, England (2011); Minneapolis Institute of Arts,
Minneapolis, MN (2009); Kinetica Museum, London, England (2008); Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne,
Germany (2005).


Louis Watts:

On Today is an open-ended program. It originally consisted of 64 individual drawings of a single, predetermined
composition, which were created using a layered charcoal powder technique. The drawings were completed on
a daily basis over the course of several months in 2016, and were driven by exploring questions about factory
art production methodology, the idea of transcendence through quotidian labor, reflections of power dynamics,
ideas of structural, or "object", drawings, attention to secular mysticism and drone philosophy, as well as
speaking to the vernacular of repetitive band posters in urban environments.

After the initial idea coalesced, I collaborated with Austin, TX based theological scholar, Dr. Gary Slater, who
began considering the philosophical implications behind the project. We worked independently, both following
our own thematic possibilities and conceptual concerns simultaneously until the 64 drawings were complete and
a long-form essay had been drafted. After an exhibition of the drawings and accompanying essay in Raleigh,
NC, the project continued to develop. The next iteration of On Today was the creation of a full-room installation consisting of an infinitely looped animation of the 64 original drawings. The scale shift and darkened
environment necessary for projection added another potential context for and interpretation of the work.

The project has continued to morph and shift in environment, form, and approach. In this iteration, 20 of the
original drawings are being shown. The ability to alter the number of drawings shown at a time allows for a
direct relationship between the drawings and the environment. The two rows of ten, 19 x 24 in. charcoal
drawings on bristol, hung directly on the wall, proportionally relate to the surrounding architecture of the Second
Gallery at Gray Contemporary and serve as a numerical counterpart to 10 Waves by Jack Pavlik in the Main
Gallery. As each day’s particulars affected the original creation of the drawings due to the sensitivity of process,
new venues and contexts continue to offer alternate opportunities for On Today’s exhibition and interpretation.

About the Artist:

Louis Watts (b. 1984 Little Rock, AR) lives and works in Carrboro, NC. He received an MFA from the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017, and a BFA from Arizona State University in Tempe in 2007. Recent
exhibitions include, Gutter Box, Raleigh, NC (2017); Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, NC (2017); Allcott
Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC (2017); Anchorlight, Raleigh, NC (2017); LUMP, Raleigh, NC (2016); Boswell-Mourot,
Little Rock, AR (2016); The Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR (2016); Arkansas Arts Center, Little
Rock, AR (2016); Truck/Art, Bentonville, AR (2015); Watts was recently featured in New American Paintings,
South #124 (2016).

Sep 9, 2017
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Kid Friendly:
Tuesday Time & Price:
11-5p & free
Wednesday Time & Price:
11-5p & free
Thursday Time & Price:
11-5p & free
Friday Time & Price:
11-5p & free
Saturday Time & Price:
11-5p & free
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Houston, TX 77266-6494


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