Free Movie Night! Featuring the WWII Documentary: Leaving

Since Slovakia is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. The Czech Center Museum Houston presents a Slovakian WWII documentary.

On August 29th , 1944, during World War II,

The Slovak National Uprising broke out in the town of  Banská Bystrica, in Central Slovakia.

It was an expression of protest against Fascism and man’s desire for freedom.

12,000 resistance fighters and 60,000 regular Slovak army soldiers took part.

This documentary is the story of those who participated in Slovakia’s fight for freedom.

Mar 8, 2019
7:00 pm

All Güt Things (2019)

When a local dialect disappears,
what goes along with it?

German, a unique German dialect developed in Central Texas, was once a thriving
language with over 110,000 dominant speakers during its peak in the early 20th
century. Today, however, it’s on the verge of extinction.


In partnership with the Czech Center Museum Houston, the Goethe
Pop Up Houston presents All G
üt Things, a newly completed documentary by Chase Honaker that chronicles the story
of the
19th century immigration of Germans to Texas and
the unique dialect that was born from it.


The screening will be accompanied by a talk from the
filmmakers as well as a discussion around the Texas German and Texas Czech
dialects and their preservation.  

Feb 15, 2019
6:00 pm
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Frame x Frame Dance Film Fest

submit your films

Frame x Frame Dance Film Fest aims to bring dance filmmaking to Houston audiences while providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to share their work with the world, inspiring creativity and innovation. Films of 8 minutes or less  that explore the relationship of the moving body and the  camera are eligible to apply to be included in the festival. Submissions will be selected based on the quality of the image, sound, and the choreography of the body and the camera.

Deadline: July 13, 2018

Due Date: Aug 9, 2018
Contact Name: Lydia Hance
Phone: 8327810808
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Screen Dance

A weekend-long intensive video dance workshop exploring site-responsive experimentation through the interdisciplinary process of mixing body movement and film together in Houston.

Led by the Las Girls Collective, Daniela Antelo and Brenda Cruz-Wolf, the participants will collaborate to create work in an immersive environment in various Houston locations as the urban landscape for movement and filmmaking. This workshop will be open to all community members- ranging from filmmakers, choreographers, dancers, visual artists or anyone interested in the art of collaboration.

The workshop will include:

     Introduction of screen dance, watching and examining contemporary films and talking through what makes screen dance successful.
     Exploring and encouraging a dialogue about what motivates and inspires us as makers, artists and creatives.
     Encourage participants to talk about their lives, creative experiences and practices as a tool to fuel art-making.
     Discuss different approaches to structuring a work.
     Engaging in a free-flow of ideas and what ‘feels right’ in movement, choreography and filmmaking.

The emphasis of this workshop will be to create a visual story on film, based on the experiences and responses of site-specific performances.  The versatility of video allows to reach a vast range of audiences, putting Houston and Houston artists at high exposure. Our goal as a collaborative is to introduce screen-dance as another facet of interdisciplinary arts within Houston. We want to share our passion and bring forth new ideas about collaborative art making.


Due Date: May 25, 2018
Contact Name: Brenda Cruz-Wolf
Phone: 6265364915
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The Art Institute of Houston

4140 Southwest Freeway
77027 Houston , TX
United States
Texas US

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

The Art Institute of Houston is a nonprofit institution with a focus on education, student outcomes, and community involvement. Learn more about our programs in design, fashion, media arts, and culinary. View our social policy:

Call for artists! "Inner Pulsation"

This is an open theme show. We’re inviting artists to submit work in any medium, any size. Here’s your chance to connect with the viewers!

There will be live music, bites and drinks and this event is in conjunction with JoMar Visions Third Saturday open Studios. 

Showing fee is $45.  JoMar handles all sales with 10 per cent commission.  Artists keep 90 per cent of sales.  

Exhibit dates and times: Saturday 17th of June from 3pm to 7pm.

ART DELIVERY DATE: Thursday, 8th of June from 4-7pm and Friday, 9th of June from 3 to 7pm

Jun 17, 2017
$45 per 6ft wide of wall space (anywhere from 4 to 8 pieces depending on art size, pieces chosen and hung at the discretion of the gallery curator, just bring the work and we’ll hang and display it to the best of our ability) If not, wall, vendors can use a 6ft table.
$45 showing fee
3:00 pm

ART21 Season 8 Screening

Lawndale hosts a free screening of Season 8 of Art in the Twenty-First Century. Season 8 features sixteen artists from four cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Vancouver—revealing how they engage the culture around them and how art allows viewers to see the world in new ways.

IMAGE: Nick Cave

Here Hear, 2015
Courtesy of Cranbrook Art Museum
Production still from ART21's series Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 8, 2016 

Oct 13, 2016
6:30 pm
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Screening of The Way Things Go - A Film by Peter Fischli & David Weiss followed by a conversation with Trey Duvall

The Way Things Go - Inside a warehouse, Swiss artists Peter Fischli (b. 1952) and David Weiss (1946–2012) built an enormous, precarious structure 100 feet long made out of common household items: tea kettles, tires, old shoes, balloons, wooden ramps, etc. Then, with fire, water, gravity and chemistry, they created a spectacular chain reaction, a self-destructing performance of physical interactions, chemical reactions, and precisely crafted chaos worthy of Rube Goldberg or Alfred Hitchcock.

Fischli and Weiss have collaborated on kinetic installations since 1979. All of their work to date, whether in photography, film, drawing, or sculpture, has demonstrated a deep interest in the mechanisms that animate the universe of objects. They remove these things that surround us from their contexts in our daily lives, and then restructure their relationships to one another. The artists aim neither to glorify nor to alienate these common objects, but merely to create new references in which they might be considered.

Called "the merry pranksters of contemporary art" (The New York Times), Fischli and Weiss collaborated for 33 years, drawing worldwide notoriety and praise for taking on big questions with humble materials and a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Trey Duvall is an artist and educator. Duvall works in various forms including large-scale installations, video, performance, and traditional sculptural mediums concerning duration, stamina, humor, exhaustion, and entropy. He is also a Teaching Fellow at the University of Houston and a Masters of Fine Arts candidate. Duvall will be discussing aspects of The Way Things Go, as well as his work fromIdiot Machines/Infinity Loops at Lawndale Art Center.

IMAGE: Peter Fischli & David Weiss, The Way Things Go, 1987, Courtesy of Icarus Films 

Sep 28, 2016
7:00 pm

XX Part Two: 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Opening Reception: Friday, June 3, 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Artists will be present.

On view: June 3 – July 9, 2016

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Anya Tish Gallery, we are delighted to present XX Part 2, the second of two group exhibitions of work by regional and international artists from the gallery roster.
The artwork on view will span the last few decades as well as a variety
of media, including painting, sculpture, video, photography, and

Jun 3, 2016
6:00 pm
Kid Friendly:
Tuesday Time & Price:
10:30 - 6:00
Wednesday Time & Price:
10:30 - 6:00
Thursday Time & Price:
10:30 - 6:00
Friday Time & Price:
10:30 - 6:00
Saturday Time & Price:
10:30 - 5:00

Queer Hippo International LGBT Film Festival

Let The Drama Begin

Press Contact:
Kay Small
Queer Hippo Int’l LGBT Film Festival (Queer Hippo) announces today the kickoff of its first annual film festival in Houston, Texas.  The event takes place at the Houston Museum of African American Culture on April 1-3. Get ready for a jam packed weekend filled with stories of love, camaraderie, heartbreak and murder.

Showcasing over 30+ films, Queer Hippo stands to set the pace for LGBT film festivals and enthusiast alike. This year’s film selection includes feature, shorts, music videos and documentaries from over 19 different countries, including several Houston premiers.

Queer Hippo is proud to present the following films to play in its main program:

·       In The Grayscale (Feature by Claudio Marcone)
·       Suicide Kale (Feature by Carly Usdin)
·       Major! (Documentary by Annalise Ophelian)
·       The Revival: Women & The Word (Documentary by Yaani Supreme)
·       Oriented (Documentary by Jake Witzenfeld)
·       Unconditional (Short by Kent Igleheart)        
·       Acceptance (Short by Clive Ashenden)
·       Beatin (Music Video by Quentin Perez)          
·       Home (Music Video by Christen B)
·       Run for the Truth (Short by Damien Steck)   
·       Oh I Get It (Short by Danny Tayara)
·       Matheo (Short by Darrell Lee Hall)                   
·       Wedlocked (Short by Puppett)
·       No Strings (Short by Eoin Maher)                         
·       Paradigma (Short by Valentino R. Sandoli)
·       Lethargy (Short by Xavier Miralles)                   
·       Actually Alex (Short by Jules Lovelock)
·       More Than God ( Short by Kev Cahill)               
·       Paper Wrap Fire (Short by Raymond Yeung)
·       The Man Who Fed his Shadow(short by Mario Garefo)
·       First Clue (Short by Susan Sullivan)                   
·       Vow of Silence (Short by Be Steadwell)
·       Raisonnable (Short by Andre Pelletier)           
·       Reinventing the Reel (Short by Michael Gorlick)
·       Sugarhiccup (Short by Lisa Donato)                  
·       Schleierhaft (Short by Tim Ellrich)
·       Perpetual (Short by Peter Ahlen Lavrsen)    
·       Dissonance (Short anime by Anna Ngo)
·       Lady of the Night (Short Anime by Mikhal Bak)

The Festival will introduce awards this year for films in competition, honoring directing, cinematography, screenwriting, music video and animation, providing further opportunity for those in their field to be recognized.
Tickets are available at  We can’t wait to see you there!

**Queer Hippo is a celebration of queer cinema that brings together authentic stories and audacious audiences for its annual program of original documentaries, dramatic films, original teleplays, music videos and shorts.
The mission of Queer Hippo is to show people we are more alike than we are different. We aim to offer a space where queer artist can come together and showcase their works and audiences can come and enjoy a fresh diverse perspective in cinema.
Apr 1, 2016 to Apr 3, 2016
$10 -$25
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Friday Time & Price:
6:30 $25 opening film and reception
Saturday Time & Price:
11am $10 for individual films
Sunday Time & Price:
1pm $10 for individual films, $25 for closing night film and reception
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PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


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