WHAM Artist: Kathrine Zeren

As we get closer and closer to our Winter Holiday Art Market, we want to be able to celebrate the artists and the work that they do as much as we can. A few of the artists have given us the opportunity to ask a few questions in and out of the box, so take this chance to learn more about them before you meet them.

Kathrine Zeren


Why is participating in WHAM important to you?
It's always been a fun show, and it brings out a lot of people each year. It's also been a great way for me to meet other creatives in the Houston area.

What makes WHAM different from other art markets or festivals that you’ve attended/participated in?
It's organized, well-marketed, and always draws a crowd. The food and drinks on site really makes a difference as well, I think - especially since the food available is usually pretty good!

What’s your favorite part of what you do? Least favorite part?
The day-to-day management of things can be a drag at times, but it's necessary to keep the business going. I most enjoy when I have time to be creative and work on new ideas or projects.

What is something that anybody who knows you would know about you?
That I'm a foodie and like trying new things.

What is something you wish more people knew about you?
This doesn't really count, but I wish I were better at sharing on social media. I'm terrible at taking selfies or posing for pictures! I think part of me hopes this makes me come across as mysterious and interesting and too busy to care about such things...ha!

The fashion industry has several barriers to entry (success rate, cost, inventory, and major brands being a few), 1) what inspired you to get into fabrics/fashion, and 2) what makes your business successful?
I have a bachelor's degree in apparel design and my first job out of college was working as a designer at a big, corporate company. I learned a lot about the not so glamorous (or ethical) sides of the industry early on, and after a while, decided to give my own label a try. I figured that if I were the boss, I could write the rules and center my company's goals around more than just the bottom line. I think it can be hard to define success when you're an entrepreneur--it's all too personal, and it can be difficult to not be hard on yourself. It takes time to build a brand, and those who have the most perseverance to see it through are usually the most successful. For me, I'm just trying to not take myself too seriously these days and to slow down when I want to rush things. A healthy work/life balance is important, and I'm pretty happy with myself when I'm able to keep things more balanced and my stress levels in check.

What would you call your style? What other styles or brands would you compare or associate yours with?
I'm fairly minimal and tomboyish. I think that clothing should be practical while maintaining a certain elegance. I like things that have a nice drape to them, and I'm not a huge fan of anything that requires ironing. My brand has focused on menswear accessories for so long, I'm excited to bring more of my personal style into the brand with some new projects I have in development.

You also sell soaps and candles. Is there a connection with the bow and neckties or are they just another product you have available for purchase?
I am really particular about smells, and wanted to experiment with creating some of my own scents. You also don't have to invest as much on the front end to make apothecary products, so I thought it would be a way to be creative with a different medium.

Thank you Katherine for letting us get to know you, see you at WHAM!

PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


Fresh Arts |  The Silos at Sawyer 1502 Sawyer St, Studio #103 Houston, TX 77007