What’s The New News is an interactive community-based project which shares content driven by local artists and writers. 

About What’s the New News:

“What’s The New News” is a newsprint publication series created by artist Nathaniel Donnett which speaks to the importance of neighborhoods, artists, writers, and literacy.

Participating artists transform newspaper racks into public art, strategically placed at valued landmarks in neighborhoods, while the print issues share original content — experimental writing, poetry, etc., penned by creatives active in the Houston arts community.

Through this publication project and its tour presentation, Donnett seeks to interrupt the everyday by asking the community to rethink how objects, art, and information are involved in their daily lives and works with artists to explore local history and culture while moving their artistic practice out of the studio and into the community.


What’s the New News + Arts District Houston

As part of its 2019 Incubating Innovation initiative, Arts District Houston has commissioned a new issue of What’s the New News created by artist Nathaniel Donnett which asks artists of diverse backgrounds to engage in creative collaboration with the cultural fabric of historic neighborhoods.

For Issue #3, the “Art and History” issue, Houston-area poets, writers, muralists, and visual artists address the importance of evaluating history to inform the present and engage in storytelling across a variety of creative mediums. 

To read the latest issue:


What’s the New News, Issue #3 participating writers include: Ashley DeHoyos, Leslie Contreras, Reyes Ramirez, and Willow Curry. Newsstand artists include: Royal Sumikat, Jade Young, Vivienne Dang, Jessica Rice, Ibraim Nascimento, and Janavi Folmsbee.

To pick up a copy, find our newsstands here:

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