What Your Art Business Will Cost You

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When you own your own business, it’s important to look at expenses as well as income in order to remain profitable.

I looked into various (not all – not even education or supplies and materials!) expenses for artists and thought it might be interesting to share the results. Feel free to add to our completely unscientific list in a comment on the Art Biz Blog.

Studio Space

These numbers are based on responses I received through Twitter and Facebook.

(sf = square feet)

Central Virginia (476sf): $355/month

Key West, FL (750sf – 3 rooms): $1600 for studio + store front

Ravenswood, Chicago, IL (600+ sf): $540/month

Downtown Chicago, IL (sf n/a): $485/month

Gages Lake, IL
(1200sf): $500/month with utilities

Albuquerque, NM (175sf): $200/mo in nonprofit art center, includes utilities, not air-conditioned

Colorado Springs, CO (400sf): $455 includes utilities

San Francisco, CA (154sf): $431/month and says most of her friends pay around $800 for an equivalent space

San Diego, CA (185sf): $550/month is on the high side because it’s in a retail space and on the art walk path

Los Angeles, CA (800sf, skylight, private bathroom, gated parking): $1050/month


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