Understanding Music Industry Contracts

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Courtesy of Music-Law.com

With all of the different record companies that are out there today you will notice that there are also hundreds of different contracts and contract styles.  Each company, whether it's Warner or some small independent label, will have a contract for you to sign and most will have certain parts to it, but not all will be worded the same.  Also some may have added perks or requirements that others may not.  So be ready for pretty much anything, and be sure you understand what you are signing.

Reading and understanding the contract are two completely different things though.  If you sit down and simply try to read through the words on the page you will discover that this wasn't written by normal people with normal English and grammar.  Sentences start to become full paragraphs and commas and semi-colons become few and far between.  On top of all of that, sentence start referring back to other sentences in the contract using a combination of numbers and letters (like: 1(A)3(c)(ii)) and before you know it you are just plowing through words that mean nothing to you.  At this point you will probably realize why so many other bands and songwriters have opted for an entertainment attorney.  This person will be able to read what exactly the contract is saying and explain it to you, so you can fully understand what you are signing . . . read more

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