Tips for Art Events

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Prepared by Lindsay Peyton, Cadence Enterprise 


1. Be a great host

a. Circulate

b. engage conversations

c. introduce guests to each other


2. Make: 

a. title of event

b. theme

c. interesting space

d. good lighting

e. music or performance


3. If your budget is low, still think big

a. seek sponsors

b. try food and beverage distributors

c. be creative


4. Collaborate

a. work with other artists, if they are dedicated

b. collaborate with a nonprofit group

c. tie in with a charity


5. Plan ahead!!!

a. events take time to organize or they can be disasters – give yourself more

time than you need

b. check social events calendars in area to make sure you don’t have a

conflicting date

c. create a timeline with deadlines for yourself

d. recruit volunteers, including friends and relatives to help promote and staff


e. make a promotions timeline too – so you can send out evites, press

releases, etc.


Tips for not being too shy at shows:

1. Create objectives - do you want to meet people, sell work, add to your guest list, etc...

2. Get in a good mood before the show -- be positive, set aside time to relax, don't drink away your nerves :)

3. Be a host -- get other volunteers to help with sales, serving, etc. so you can talk to people without stressing the little details

4. Talk to people besides just your immediate friends and family -- talk to new people, even if you have to practice what you would say before the show. Some easy conversation starters -- How did you hear about the show? What type of artwork do you enjoy?

5. Think about what you want to communicate in advance -- consider your artist statement

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