Studio The Artist's Guide to Emergencies

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The Studio Protector Online Guide is the source for emergency preparedness and recovery information for artists.

The Online Guide provides in-depth guide to disaster prevention and planning.  Concisely-written pages on a wide variety of topics with annotated listings of web and print resources will help steer you to more comprehensive and technical information.  Interviews with artists and experts  add straightforward real-world experience to the mix of topics and issues.  It also provides information to help you recover and salvage artwork, livelihood, and workspace.  




Who developed the Toolkit? 

The Studio Protector is the first product of the Coalition for Artists’ Preparedness and Emergency Response, a new national task force that was formed in 2006. Dedicated to ensuring a national safety net for artists, and the organizations that serve them, before, during and after disasters the Coalition is a consortium of local, state, regional and national arts agencies, artist service organizations and foundations,   CERF+ is the lead sponsor of the Coalition, and also, the creator of the Studio Protector.


Did You Know?

- Homeowner's or renter's insurance probably does not cover property or liability for your studio.


- Flood Insurance is needed to cover damage from "rising water".


- If you have an emergency involving water damage, you can freeze some items (like books and paper) so they don't mold - and then try to recover them later.


- You may be able to salvage a wet cell phone.


These questions and many more are answered in the 
Studio Protector: The Artist's Guide to Emergencies

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