Standards and Guidelines for the Visual Artist Resume

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Courtesy of the College Art Association.  Adopted by the CAA Board of Directors in February 1999.


General Comments

The artist résumé conventions presented here are designed primarily for use with commercial galleries. While its length, one to four pages, is similar to the “short curriculum vitae,” or “short cv,” it is not intended for academic situations.

Avoid making the artist résumé complicated. It is meant to be short and simple to review. Galleries may receive dozens of applications per week, so you will want to make it easy on the eye. Select fonts and font sizes that facilitate reading. Use the white spaces well. Do not submit your artist résumé on a computer disk or CD-ROM unless it is specified.


Sample Artist Résumé (with Commentary)

1. Name (in bold or larger font)

Preferred mailing address:

Phone Number(s):






Personal Website: (if appropriate)

Comments: If a gallery gives you a show or takes you in as a stable artist, they may eliminate much of the information in this category. They will probably remove your address, phone numbers, etc., and provide your date or place of birth. This is a common practice because the gallery wants the potential buyer to contact them directly regarding any inquiries about your work.

2. Education

MFA 1998 Sculpture University of Kansas

BFA 1995 Studio Art University of Oklahoma

BA 1992 French Southern Methodist University (cum laude)

Comments: List all of the academic degrees you have earned (noting honors). It is not uncommon to have studied art at a university without completing the degree. You may want to list these periods of study after the list of degrees earned  . . .

. . . 

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