Quick Guide: Brand Identity

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Courtesy of Columbia College Chicago


The idea of "branding" covers a lot of ground these days but for the moment think of branding as visually linking your professional materials together so that your name, title and contact info are presented the same way on all your materials. This visual identity can be created with "type treatments," logos, and perhaps, images. The trick to creating an effective visual identity that will brand your materials is:


1) finding a look and feel that's in synch with the work in your portfolio and

2) using it consistently. That can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.


TYPE TREATMENT: Create a type treatment for your name by finding several fonts that you like- nothing too off-the-wall. Try out each font with your name and title (P.A., Actor, Designer, Writer, etc) if you choose to use a title. Then try them out at different sizes and in different colors. Print them out so you can see what they look like on paper. 

LIVE WITH IT: Tape your type treatments to the wall or the fridge and keep an eye on them for a few weeks. Some designs will begin to look crappy after a while and can be eliminated. Eventually one will emerge as superior. Then find a second font that is perhaps a plainer version of your "brand" font to use for your contact information . . . read more



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