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SEO For Artists: Share Google’s Love For Art!

Courtesy of Art Marketing SecretsMany artists say that SEO is a waste of time because Word-of-Mouth marketing is more powerful. Let me say that from my experience nothing else compares with word-of-mouth – a referral from a happy client or partner is undoubtedly the “gold standard” in marketing. It comes with an instant level of trust and positions you much closer to closing a sale.But if that is the case why do other businesses engage in so much extra marketing and advertising activity? Why would they do that if word-of-mouth is so powerful? The answer is because they want to grow their business as much as possible (as should you) and they recognize that if they only use word-of-mouth they are missing many potential clients. Do you want to miss out on clients? Search Engine Marketing is part of what we call the “marketing attraction phase”. This is where you attract potential clients who generally don’t know about you at all. They don’t know your name – they only know that they are looking for art of a certain style. They could be individuals or they could be art dealers or art licensing reps. The point is – they want what you have but they aren’t connected to anyone who knows you so they will never hear about you through word-of-mouth. The “attraction phase” can include a number of different marketing methods including SEO, Social Networking, Snail Mail marketing to galleries and dealers, networking with local arts organizations, galleries, etc. The optimum mix depends on your art and personality . . . read more at 
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6 Tips To Bring More Visitors To Your Artist Website

Courtesy of Art Marketing Secrets"How can I increase traffic to my website? Everyone I have asked have said that they think my art is really good. I just need someone to give me a chance." Most artists start marketing online with a dream of a great website that will attract many visitors who buy buy buy! The reality mostly ends up a little differently – their beautiful website typically sits online with only a handful of visits from people – many of whom are not even particularly interested in art. Family and friends visit for a while to offer support – but they aren’t buying and after a while even they lose interest. Yikes!What to do? Here are 6 proven tips which will help you bring quality visitors to your artist website…Focus On Attracting Quality Visitors:After being in the online art and art marketing business for several years now I can tell you something really important! I would rather have 5 visits a month to my artist website from seriously interested potential buyers than 50,000 visits from any old “traffic”. Now to be fair this advice also depends on whether you are wanting to build relationships and sell higher-value artworks – or whether you want to sell low cost reproductions to the gift market. If you focus on low-price work you might actually like those 50,000 visitors because that could translate into a consistent revenue stream . . . read more at
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ARC Web 2.0 Marketing & PR-imer

In 2008, Spacetaker hosted Grace Rodriguez of Ayn Brand in a brief introduction to the benefits, mentality, and techniques of Web 2.0 PR & Marketing. The aim of the workshop: to equip young, emerging non-profit arts organizations and individual artists with tools to leverage social media and networking for low-cost, grass-roots PR and marketing opportunities. The presentation covers the following topics: -Web 2.0 & Social Media Primer -Work Your Online Networks -The Blogosphere & Micro-blogging Tools   Web 2.0 & Social Media Workshop - Spacetaker View more presentations from AYN Brand.  
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