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Dr. Clearman and the Arts Medicine team are committed to the care of the Houston artistic community and are willing to give their services with full time performing and visual artists who would not otherwise be able to receive medical services.


Once a month, Personal Physician Group LLP sponsors a free Arts Medicine Clinic from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. The Arts Medicine Clinic also has other volunteers – physical therapist Jennifer Hochnadel PT DPT from Affiliates in Physical Therapy, massage therapist Ken Newby MTR and psychiatrist Barbara Taylor MD also serve the arts community via this clinic.


If you are a professional artist or performer, lack of funds should not prevent you from getting help for your medical problem. If you are a dance, music, performance or visual arts student and require financial help for medical care, you may be eligible for this clinic.

To find out if Arts Medicine Clinic is right for you, please call the office at 713-524-9800.

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