Image Based Portfolios (Columbia College)

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Courtesy of Columbia College Chicago 
 To build an effective, professional portfolio, consider the following:

Your portfolio should reflect your very best projects and the needs and interests of the people you plan to approach for work. Find out what they need to see from you and select work samples that are as close a match as possible. Create new work for your book if you need to. Make it easy for clients to imagine working with you.  

The common wisdom “start strong- finish strong” plays to the idea that people best remember the first and last images in any given series. You would be wise to be attentive to that strategy but you should also work carefully to create a flow from picture to picture and project to project, beginning to end. The “flow” should take into account the subject matter of an image but also its visual form (line, shape, color). The sequence may seek to weave the images together in a seamless way or might, if appropriate, emphasize differences for a more active and assertive feel . . . 

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