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Fresh Arts Fundamental HR/Employment Policies for Organizations 2014

THE PRESENTATION FROM THE WORKSHOP DESCRIBED IS EMBEDDED BELOW. Fundamental HR/Employment Policies for OrganizationsFor arts administrators of small to mid-sized nonprofitsMonday, June 2, from 4-6 p.m.@ Fresh Arts, 2101 Winter Street, #B11, Houston, TX 77007Presenters:Bob Lawson, Director of Administration & Education, Theatre Under the StarsElaine C. Becraft, Counsel, Labor & Employment, LyondellBasellNot sure who on your team should receive a 1099 or a W-2? Are you supposed to be paying unemployment taxes? Do you know the rules around interns? Join Bob Lawson, of Theatre Under the Stars, and employment lawyer, Elaine C. Becraft for a crash course in what you need to know and what you didn’t know you didn’t know. This is a great opportunity for administrators to have questions answered by an expert in the field and address some of the unique challenges we all face in keeping our small or mid-size organizations in compliance with HR standards.Topics include:- Basic distinctions between 1099/W2 employees, as well as exempt/non-exempt- How to avoid abusing interns- Basic options for offering benefits- Basic reporting for new hires- Unemployment taxes (when you need to worry about them)- The advantages and timing of outsourcing, rather than handling HR in house- Common questions re: employment law- Basic best practices for interviewing/hiring- Employee reviews + HR advocate on board of directors for smaller nonprofits (i.e. to provide an additional outlet for reporting HR problems)- The "Absolute Musts" of any employee handbook (great resources from ADP on this subject) Fresh Arts Fundamental HR/Employment Policies for Organizations 2014 from Fresh Arts
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Pas De Deux: Labor and Employment Issues in the Arts & Nonprofit World

Courtesy of TALA This book contains fundamental information concerning the employment relationship from the arts and nonprofit employer’s perspective, as well as basic legal requirements of workplace activities. (Published 2003)
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