How to Get an Artist Grant

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Courtesy of Valerie Atkisson of ArtBistro


Do you have a great idea, but can’t afford to make your dreams into a reality? You need an artist grant. Grants are a great benefit to artists. They help beginning creative professionals reach career goals; provide support while working on a specific project and can even enable artists to research for a piece or collection.

Sounds great, right? Not so fast — grants are very competitive and the amount awarded, stipulations, and application procedures for each grant vary widely. Some grants are privately funded, while some are publicly funded. And, many are given for a specifically proposed project while some are awarded outright for the work done.


But, as one artist/mentor advised me, “Don’t give up until you have applied at least ten times.”

How to Apply...

Jackie Battenfield, artist and business practices specialist has the following advice about artist grants:

“If you aren’t in it you won’t win it. How many times have you rejected yourself by not following through with an application? If you are eligible for an artistic grant, then it is your responsibility to your work to apply for it. Don’t let this year’s rejection keep you from reapplying next year. Panel’s change, your work develops and you may become the perfect match for the grant.

Many grants are rejected because the applicant has not followed the guidelines. Read the guidelines carefully. If they are online, print them out and use a marker to highlight the most important information. Confirm that your application includes exactly what is requested . . . read more at


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