A Guide to 20 Top Artist Residencies and Retreats Across the United States

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By Alanna Martinez and Chloe Wyma, Coutesy of ArtInfo.com


The path to a successful art career can be a twisting one, but one commonly traveled route is the artist residency. There are hundreds of residencies out there, ranging from highly prestigious programs that are invitation-only — like those of Artpace, the Walker Art Center, or UCLA’s Hammer Museum, all of which mainly invite established artists to create fully funded projects — to more open, or even experimental, retreats.

Not all residencies are created equal, and while some may help you get a leg up in the art world, you may still have to pay for the opportunity. Programs can be grouped several ways: Some are fully funded without fees; some are partially funded with fees; some offer stipends/awards; still others are project/work based. There is even a thriving "alternative" category (check out Part 2 of this series where we’ll look at some of the funkier options out there). Despite the wealth of programs in the United States, and a plethora of funding options, there are few user-friendly guides —  though Res Artis and the Alliance of Artist Communities online directories are valuable resources. Below, we assemble information on 20 programs that cover the spectrum, offering the most important information for each, including who is eligible, important alumni, pros, and cons. . . read more


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