Feedback on What Increases Your Artistic Productivity

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Courtesy of artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell.


At the end of January, I did a post about What increases your artistic productivity - and invited people to comment on what they found helped them. It attracted a lot of comments and lots of really good insight into what works for other people!


I used to have to make sense of lots of different perspectives as part of my job so it was fun to take the comments and see whether a pattern emerged and, if so, what it was. Well the answer is that it did - and it reminded me quite a bit of some aspects of 'The Seven Habits of Effective People' by Stephen Covey. Hence the conclusion which is my version of the seven habits translated into artspeak! I'm toying with the idea of developing this into an article - so please let me know what you think.

What helps to increase productivity...

Goal/results oriented approaches help a lot:

Deadlines enable some artists, such as Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield Art Journal) and Marsha Robinett (The Extraordinary Pencil) to stay focused, increase their effort and get artwork or other tasks finished on time. Deadlines make Nicole so productive that she even looks forward to having a deadline to work to!


Having a project for some people helps them to frame, focus and generate ideas and material. Some people found that multiple projects were helpful. I know I always need an alternative to work on when I get 'stuck'.


Starting a major project has been the single biggest inspiration for me to work regularly and deeply. My Waterways Project gave me a frame work to gather ideas, generate work, draw, orgainize my sketchbook. Lindsay (Non Linear Arts)

Having specific goals focuses effort. Keeping a sketchbook and drawing every day was mentioned by a few people including Tania (The Scratchboard). Specific goals are valued by Rose Welty (Rose's art Lines) as she explained in her post 'It helps me, it doesn't help me. She also likes planning how she is going to accomplish something.


Time management - in the short and long term - is important . . . view more

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