The Dancers Health Insurance Resource Center

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The Actors Fund has received a grant from the Doris Duke Foundation to create a Dancers Health Insurance Resource Center. The goal is to have every dancer – and dancer’s family – insured by 2014. 


Our strategy includes the following steps:

  • Specific outreach to nonprofit dance companies in target cities (see below) to inform them of the program’s emphasis and encourage attendance at workshops
  • Telephone counseling by appointment and e-mail counseling
  • Webinars about the use of online resources such as the AHIRC database
  • Travel to the top ten cities with large non-profit dance companies: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, Seattle
  • Creation and distribution through associations of a health insurance guide book for dancers on getting and keeping insurance
  • Creation and maintenance of a section of the AHIRC website devoted specifically to dancers
  • Creating a network of consultants/brokers who can work directly with those organizations that want to pursue small business health insurance for their staffs to guide them through the process
  • Inviting health insurance agents to structure plans specifically for these organizations
  • Educating these organizations about the small business subsidies available through the new health care reform law


To discuss your health insurance options, call Jim Brown at 800-798-8447 ext. 280, or e-mail him at


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