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Post date: Dec 1, 2014
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Writing a Great Grant: An Overview for Individual Artists

Led by: Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Executive Director of Fresh Arts, with Christa Forster, author and 4-time winner of the Houston Arts Alliance Individual Artist Grant
For individual artists 

Wednesday, October 22 @ Fresh Arts

Post date: Dec 2, 2011
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Proposal writing is time-consuming. You must first clearly describe a specific problem found in your community or area of interest, design a program that will address it, and then describe the program in detail for the grant maker (funding source). If this is your organization's first attempt at applying for a grant, the entire process will benefit your organization. Your goal is to end up with a well-conceived proposal that lays out a strategy to address the problem, as well the funding to pay for it . . .

Post date: Dec 30, 2014
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The Funding Research Process: Proposal Writing

Post date: May 9, 2012
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GrantSpace provides easy-to-use, self-service tools and resources to help nonprofits worldwide become more viable grant applicants and build strong, sustainable organizations. GrantSpace is a service of the Foundation Center.

Post date: Apr 11, 2012
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Presented by Dianne Debicella - Program Director, Fiscal Sponsorship.


Presentation covers:

Definition of fiscal sponsorship and crowdfunding,

Taking advantage of the fiscal sponsorship program, 

Review of the leading crowdfunding platform,

Keys to crowdfunding success,

Post date: Mar 14, 2012
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By Barbara Davis, courtesy of MCF, Minnesota Council on Foundations.


Post date: Feb 8, 2012
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In this webinar from you will learn the basics of writing a proposal for your nonprofit organization. If you are new to proposal writing, you may be wondering:

Post date: Jan 12, 2012
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By Dr. Michael Remson, American Festival for the Arts.

A career seminar presented by Impulse Artist Series and Spacetaker

(Transcript of presentation is available on Slideshare website by clicking the "Commissions & Grant Writing" link below

Post date: Dec 12, 2011
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Creative Capital prepared these notes for Creative Capital grantees, which may be useful for all grant seekers.



Pay yourself! This is a new concept for some artists, but it's smarter to figure out now what your time is worth, represent this time in your project budget, and raise money based upon these real costs than to underbudget the project and wind up maxing out your credit cards with expensive, last-minute charges and cash advances. Here are two ways to represent your time in your project budget:


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