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Video is the future.  Is your film rolling?

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Courtesy of Art Marketing Secrets

Many artists say that SEO is a waste of time because Word-of-Mouth marketing is more powerful. Let me say that from my experience nothing else compares with word-of-mouth – a referral from a happy client or partner is undoubtedly the “gold standard” in marketing. It comes with an instant level of trust and positions you much closer to closing a sale.

Post date: Jul 1, 2010
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In 2008, Spacetaker hosted Grace Rodriguez of Ayn Brand in a brief introduction to the benefits, mentality, and techniques of Web 2.0 PR & Marketing. The aim of the workshop: to equip young, emerging non-profit arts organizations and individual artists with tools to leverage social media and networking for low-cost, grass-roots PR and marketing opportunities.


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