7 Ways to Build A Sustainable Art Career This Year

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Courtesy of hyperallergic.com by Tim Cynova


2013 might not usher in the sci-fi future of jet packs and personal space travel, but it can be the year when you make solid progress toward turning your artistic hobby or part-time passion into a sustainable career.

The staff at Fractured Atlas has compiled a list of practical tips to help you take meaningful immediate steps toward a better future — one where you spend less time worrying about the hurdles that stand in your way and have more time to create your art.

At Fractured Atlas, we get artists and their needs because we are artists. Your concerns are truly our concerns. We spend every day helping our network of 250,000 artists from around the country make their artistic dreams a reality by using tools like the ones described below..

(1) Practice your networking.

Find opportunities to meet new people, expand your professional network, and get recognized by influential players. This includes supporting other people’s art, joining professional associations, organizing a panel discussion, or volunteering at a local arts organization or project. If an Emerging Leader or arts-related Meetup group doesn’t exist in your town around a particular interest, start one. Find a theme and own it. Love bourbon and arts technology projects? Schedule informal gatherings at your favorite bourbon haunt and call the evenings Bourbon for Arts Infrastructure Geeks. Try hard to include people who primarily work outside of the cultural sector. The variety of viewpoints and opinions will make it a more dynamic and interesting group.

(2) Be a well-informed arts professional. 

Expand your knowledge of what’s happening in your desired field by signing up for newsletters, reading industry trades, and searching for applicable studies. Today’s online marketplace of ideas offers a rich selection of food for thought to keep artists intellectually sated. Keep up with the daily industry news at ArtsJournal or other blogs, like Hyperallergic, find out what arts funders are thinking via Grantmakers in the Arts, curl up (virtually, of course) with some cozy arts research studies in the Createquity Arts Policy Library, or expand your horizons and follow a non-arts resource such as Stanford Social Innovation Review. And if all that’s too much, Fractured Atlas’s Culture Flash newsletter offers monthly Geek Alerts for the busy artist . . . read more.

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