13 Easy Ways Businesses Are Using Social Media to Connect with Customers

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Courtesy of Linda Childers from Biz Ahead, powered by The Hartford

Are you among the many small business owners who are using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but don’t have a social media strategy? Are you wondering what to post and how to reach your customers?

You’re not alone.

A survey released in June 2014 from Endurance International Group found that while although 90% of respondents had a social media presence, 71% acknowledged they didn’t have a plan, and were interested in learning more about increasing social media followers, sharing promotional ideas, and sharing relevant content with their customers.

There’s a big difference between simply having a business presence on social media, and strategically using social networks to engage customers and grow your business. When used correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool. Here are examples of how a few small businesses are successfully maximizing their online presence:

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