10 Quick Blog Post Ideas (AKA, The Art Blogger’s Cheat Sheet)

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You've spent months sticking to a rigid blogging schedule for your art blog, and traffic is starting to pick up. . . but now the busy season is upon you.  Maybe you’re prepping for an upcoming show, handling custom orders, or just dealing with the ins and outs of everyday life. Whatever the case, you’ll be lucky to spare one day to devote to your art blog for the next month. . .  In just under 250 words per post, you can create an entire month’s worth of posts in just one day.  Here they are:

1. A “Countdown” post

A countdown post is a great way to build anticipation to a workshop you’ll be teaching, or an event you’re attending. Your countdown can last five days or fifteen days. Just make sure whatever you post builds anticipation for those who are attending, and gives everyone else something entertaining or educational to read.

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