Moody Center for the Arts: Associate Curator

Moody Center for the Arts: Associate Curator

The Associate Curator will be responsible for developing, organizing and executing visual art exhibitions for the Moody Center for the Arts. These exhibitions are not limited in terms of media or time frame, but will consistently support the Moody’s mission of fostering interdisciplinary conversation through the arts. They will be selected with the goal of engaging diverse academic disciplines.

Essential Functions:
- Conceives, researches, develops and collaborates with colleagues to organize and mount changing exhibitions of varying scope
- Develops programming, including lectures, symposia and other educational programs
- Works with staff to ensure artwork on loan is handled with the highest level of professional care, in accordance with museum standards
- Coordinates and installs exhibitions traveling from other institutions
- Monitors and manages the stewardship needs of donors in adherence to the university’s stewardship standards
- Researches, writes and oversees production of related publications, brochures, guides, catalogs and books
- Develops and oversees collaborative projects with faculty and staff, oversees project budgets
- Develops a cooperative and productive relationship between the Center and the art community
- Develops, prepares and maintains exhibition budgets, serves as a liaison to the University community, other institutions and the public
- Provides training, continuing education to staff and mentors student interns
- Performs all other duties as assigned

Additional Functions & Responsibilities:
- Communicates with artists, fellow curators, lenders, technical staff, Rice constituents, students and visitors about each project to ensure all parties are well informed
- Works with Moody staff to ensure artwork on loan to the Moody is handled with the highest level of professional care, in accordance with museum standards
- Works with the Moody’s Exhibition Manager to ensure exhibitions are installed and de-installed in a timely and professional manner
- Writes wall text and labels, brochure texts, web and social media postings, and for other Moody and Rice publications, as needed
- Provides information and assistance to the Moody’s Director of Marketing & Communications to ensure accurate public communications across all channels
- Participates in interviews with the press, as needed
- Takes an active role, together with the Moody’s Director of Development, in identifying prospective funders, including individuals, corporations and foundations
- Assists with writing grant proposals and generating follow-up reports
- Provides information and assistance to the Moody’s Director of Development to ensure donors and prospects are well-stewarded and accurately informed. Includes leading tours for patron groups and meeting with funders, as needed
- Participates as an active and visible member of the local, national and international art community, representing the Moody at art openings, conferences and fairs, when appropriate. A modest travel budget will be provided in support of this goal.

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