JMF Scholarship for Houston-based Artists

JMF Scholarship for Houston-based Artists

This partial scholarship is open to a selected artist from the City of Houston interested in attending our Art Research Residency in Paris.

The scholarship is offered by
 Janavi M Folmsbee, a Houston based artist, with the goal to grow the art world of Houston by supporting its vibrant artistic community. 

As a 2018 L'AiR Arts resident, Folmsbee invites her fellow artists to participate in the enlightening international dialogue facilitated by the L’AiR Arts residency program in Paris.

The artist must either have
 an interdisciplinary art background or be open to the concept of working in that category. Upon completing the residency in Paris, the artist will also have an opportunity to do a 30-hour internship with Janavi M Folmsbee and join her in the studio or on site back home in Houston.

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Scholarship and Applications Details
The amount of this scholarship is 600.00 USD$ towards program fees for Art Research Residency in Paris. The applications from the Houston-based artists will be pre-screened by L'AiR Arts and the successful candidate will be selected by Janavi M Folmsbee.

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