Fix Your Story with Point of View

Fix Your Story with Point of View

Point of view is one of the most important choices an author can make because it impacts how readers see and respond to the story. If a story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, often the problem lies in point of view. Perhaps we aren’t telling the right character’s story. Or we are telling the right character’s story, but we aren’t telling her story from the right point of view. A small shift in point of view can completely change the feel of a story!

When the story is told (before or after events), why it is told, and whodoes the telling are all powerful decisions each writer must make. It’s easy to give attention to the more glamorous aspects of craft such as character arcs, plot, and tension, but profound discoveries await those willing to explore point of view. To help free up our stories, we’ll read and analyze examples of point of view in successful novels and then apply our newfound knowledge to our own writing.

All levels of experience are welcome in this hands-on workshop. Come prepared to write, revise, and experiment. Please bring the first three to five pages of a novel or short story you’re working on, as well as a laptop or a notepad and pen or pencil.

Due Date: Jun 22, 2019
Contact Name: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Phone: (713) 487-5603
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