Fiction: How a Story Thinks

Fiction: How a Story Thinks

Point of View Fiction Writing Workshop with Randi Faust

Point of View: How a Story Thinks
Course #2017-203


Starting June 5

10:00 am–1:00 pm

running 8 weeks
skipping July 17

Whether you are just beginning to think about a story you want to
write or are in the middle of a project, experimenting with point of
view can be productive, help jump-start your writing, and help you to
better understand the central truths in a narrative.

Even when a piece of fiction employs an omniscient narrator, someone is
still telling that story, making choices, directing the reader’s
attention. How do you choose point of view? For some writers,
determining the most fitting point of view for a story might be an
instinctive decision. Others allow the narrative strategy of each piece
to help them choose. In this course, we will define and explore some of
the many ways one can deploy point of view. In-class writing prompts and
exercises and lively discussion of selected readings will help us in
the process.

Your writing will be the primary focus of our weekly workshops, which
will offer a comfortable and creative setting for writers of all levels
of experience to share their work. The class will focus on providing
participants with constructive feedback on the story as a whole, as well
as on the uses and effects of different narrative strategies and points
of view. Our ultimate goal is to enhance you toolkit as a fiction


RANDI FAUST holds an MFA from the UH
Creative Writing Program, where she was awarded an Inprint C. Glenn
Cambor Fellowship. Her short stories have been published in American Letters & Commentary, Hampton Shorts, and The Iowa Review. Her story Displacement was chosen as the winner of the 2007 Iowa Review Fiction Contest. Randi is the former President of Advisory Board for Glass Mountain Magazine, the undergraduate literary journal at the University of Houston.

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