Eyebeam 2020 Residency

Eyebeam 2020 Residency

In our 20th year, Eyebeam will be shifting its residency structure to be even more responsive to artist needs as well as provide more dynamic support to our larger community. The 2020 Residency will launch as a 6 month research and experimentation-focused program for creative practitioners. The residency will be awarded to 4 individuals or collaborative projects and will run from January 2020 through June 2020, with extended access to Eyebeam’s shared workspace and equipment through September 2020. 

The 2020 Residency will introduce four intensives led by invited visiting professionals for deep learning and exchange, and will end with a public sharing of residents’ work and research in fall 2020. Residents must commit to attend all four intensives (3-4 days each; exact dates TBD before acceptance) and participate in the public sharing component. 

A stipend of $22,000 is offered to all residents. 

To find out more, please visit the Residency FAQ.



Eyebeam is proud to support those “who recognize the challenge of recontextualizing technology as mediums of experience.” For the purpose of this call, this refers to a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary creative thinkers and practitioners. In its 20-year history, Eyebeam has called itself home to many who have worked across multiple fields and areas of inquiry.  If your process is exploratory, creative, and is meaningfully engaged with technology as it impacts society, you likely fall under this broad definition and are encouraged to apply.

Individuals and collaborative projects may apply. A single person (21 years or older) must be responsible for committing as a resident for the term, and will serve as the point person for communications and payments. Collaborator’s work samples should reflect a history of working together. 

International applicants are welcome. On acceptance, the applicant is responsible for securing a visa to the U.S.; Eyebeam will provide supporting letters and documentation. 



-Alignment with Eyebeam’s core values:

-Openness: All the work here is driven by an open-source ethos. 

-Invention: We build on old ideas to generate new possibilities. 

-Justice: Technology by artists is a move towards equity and democracy.

-A dedication to the 2020 theme

-Clear artistic intentions with strong execution demonstrated through work samples

-A purposeful relationship to technology

-Social urgency and potential impact 

-Match between Eyebeam’s resources and the applicant’s needs

Equity and Inclusion

The Eyebeam Residency is a hub for conversation and practice-sharing that is aware and responsive to systemic inequities in technology. Eyebeam aims to be representative of the diverse city in which it calls home by investing in the meaningful inclusion of historically marginalized groups and voices. In line with these intentions, Eyebeam is committed to and values diversity as defined by gender, race, ethnicity, disability-status, age, sexual orientation, immigrant status, and socioeconomic status. Projects artistically led by applicants from historically marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: Friday, June 21, 2019, 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time

No late applications will be accepted. In person interviews will take place in August.  Applicants will be notified in September. For questions, please email sarah.oconnell@eyebeam.org or visit the Residency FAQ.

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